I trace my fingers along your shoulders.

They are familiar to me...I've memorized every inch of you.

If I closed my eyes I could still see,

Every scar, every freckle, every curve of your muscle.

It's as though you were made to fit just me.

Your body twitches as you sleep ,

And I smile at the contentment that reads in your features.

My hand creaps up to tousle your hair.

The color matches the orange of my comfortor.

I could tell of, and explain better than your own parent,

Every stretch mark from growing pains of childhood,

And every curve and line and tone of your skin.

Righ now I want more than anything to take you inside of me,

And allow your body to chase away the darkness,

That surrounds my very soul.

To allow your voice to take away the emptiness,

This endless void in my heart.

To absorb the happiness and the light,

That seems to flow off of you and into me when you're near.

Your eyes flutter open, your lethargy slowly creeping away.

The beautiful jade orbs find my soul,

And caress every womanly curve of my body with their gaze

I don't understand your facination

To me I am ugly, hideous, monsterous, and ashamed.

You smile at the sight of me admiring you,

And take me face in between your palms.

"You're beauiful. I love you so much..."

It's amazing how such simple words can put a lump in my throat.

I'm used to being told I'm ugly...I'm a bitch...Goth...Whore...

But you don't think I'm any of those things.

You think I'm beautiful and love me for who I am,

When you could get someone so much better...

Your a Football Jock, but I guess I can't really call you that.

Jocks aren't sweet and caring and smart.

Jocks don't choose girls like me over cheerleaders.

Jocks don't stay with the same girl, love the same woman for this long...

But you chose me...Two and a half years ago...

I still don't know why, but you're still here,

Loving me

Holding me

Understanding me

And every though I don't know why,

I'm glad you chose...