Dragon Tears

Slyra sat curled in a ball in a small cave. She was lost. Lost like she never was before. Her parents said the wouldn't come after her this time. What? Aren't you happy here? No!! We give you the best life we can up in these horrid mountains! This is how you repay us! Than leave! And never come back! She could still hear her farther's voice ringing in her head. Her mother's sobs as she ran out the door. Good ridince! Her farther hollered as she pushed back the blanket and ran into the oncoming storm.
She had ran for all she was worth. All she wanted was to reach a civilized town where she could drink ale or wine or even water instead of sour goats' milk Slyra thought she was headed straight towards Liberingdum, but the horrible wind and the pounding rain made it impossible to see. She clutched the small bag in her hand with just a few vittles in it and a ratty hand-knitted sheet. She remember running into a tree and falling down. By the time she got up and collected herself there was a terrible gale. Snow was swirling around Slyra, so she ran to the nearest cave, gathering small sticks as she ran. Once she entered the cave she tried to build a fire in the deepest coner, but when that failed she ran, shivering, as far back in to the cave as she dared. And that's where she was now.
Slyra pulled out a chunk of dried-up cheese and sat with the ragged sheet over her nibbling at it. When the storm cleared she would be able to find her way. Yet, for now, she just sat there curled up sucking on the cheese to make it wet and so it lasted. She failed. Finally she ended up eating it all, a wet soggy cheese, and and gulping down some sour goat's milk. In a few minutes she was extremeley sleepy, so she laid her head down a soft, smooth, rock.

Slyra was jolted awake. The rock she had been restin on moved! She clutched her blue vest and stood up pushing down her brown skirt. Let me tell you a story Sweetings. Once long long ago a young boy, just a few years older then you in fact, was very mad at his entire family. So to get away from them he ran away. He got lost. The boy stayed in a cave to keep warm. Inside there were two dragon, the nice dragon Fjoka, and the horrible dragon Janra. They battled and battled for the boy. They boy struggled to keep Fjoka alive. But he failed. Janra captured him and killed the boy. He was to never see his loving family again. You would never let Fjoka die. No. She remebered when her farther pulled her on his knee and told her that story. Could this be a dragon? Was is Fjoka or Janra? There was only one way to find out.
Slyra kneeled down and shuffled on her knees to the fron of the dragon. Slowly she raised her hand and stroked its smooth muzzle. He seemed to enjoy it just like her foal Rantal did. A large eye slowly opened. Now how do you tell them apart?Her father had asked. Fjoka has loving blue eyes and Janra has hating yellow eyes. She had replied. This dragon's eyes were blue. They were caring and loving. "Fjoka?" she asked.
The dragon lifted his head."Yes. I am Fjoka."
"Aren't you dead?"
"That is just a tale. It teaches you never to leave your loving family, for they care about you and will never let you be harmed. As soon as you leave their home danger attacks you. That is what is is about my dear-" Fjoka paused.
"Oh. I'm Slyra. I'm lost. Can you help me?"
" Ah. Slyra. I too am lonley. No one cares for me. No one loves me. I can't help you."
"But..." Suddenly a deep growling came from deep in the cave and slowly became louder.
"Slyra! Go!"
"I'll be lost again."
"It's Janra!"
" Yes, Slyra. It is I. Come to me precious." Janra stepped into the little light there was. He had greenish brown peeling scales and deathly yellow eyes. " I will no thurt you."
"Slyra! Go! I'll deal with Janra!"
Slyra ran to the front of the cave. The snow outside was slowly melting. She ran deep into the forest, crying, until she reached a large Abra tree. Fruits of all assortments were growing on it. She pulled herself up and took an Erol down. Slowly Slyra peeled it. She knew that whoever ate this fruit would be healed. She took a small bite out of it. Feeling refreshed and new, she fell asleep.

A cry of pain echoed throught the forest. Slyra fell out of the tree with half of the Erol in her hand. She tucked it in her pocket and ran towards the noise. Obviously Janra and Fjoka came out of the cave. They were standing in a clearing in the woods. Janra's tail was bleeding and Fjoka had a small gash above his eye. "Fjoka? Are you okay?"
"Ah. The child is here. Come here pussy." Janra slurred
"No! Slyra, keep away from him!"
" Mind your bussiness creature!" Janra lashed out his tail and repeatedly hit Fjoka until he fell down."Now girl. Come with me!"
" Do you want your friend to die?"
"Then come with me!"
"Let me say goodbye."
"Do it quickly!"
Slyra ran over to Fjoka as Janra walked into the cave. A tear slid down Fjoka's face, and then another and another."I failed you."
"No! I'll save you!"
"Don't bother. No one loves me."
"That's not true!"
"Yes it is." Slyra burst into tears. "Stop crying."
" F-f-f-f-jokaaaaaa. I-i-i care about you. I love you." She laid her head down on Fjoka's face. Their tears met and sparkles shimmered in the air, falling on all of Fjoka's wounds. Slowly he lifted his head.
"Slyra." He mumbled weakly."You care about me. Someone loves me."
"Yes." She pulled out the Erol and fed in to Fjoka. He ate it all and stood up. Slyra climbed on his back. Flapping his huge wings he soared over to Janra without making a sound. Slyra pulled a sword out of nowhere and cut of Janra's tail. While he was screaming with pain, Fjoka bit his head off. In no time at all Janra was dead.
"You love me!" Fjoka sang with joy flipping through the air with Slyra holding on and throwing her head back, laughing with joy.

A few minutes later Slyra could see the Vitmal Mountain Range. Fjoka whispered"Are you happy to be coming home?"
"I was always happy here. I just need you to show me that." She leaned down and kissed his neck."I'm happy to be home. As long as you stay with me."
"Why would I leave you?"
"I don't know" She replied as they landed in front of her house. She ran to the door and threw back the blanket. "Mother! Farther! Kristop! Lilica! I'm home!" She shouted. Everyone crowded around her. Her dad picked her up.
"Didn't I tell you she'd be home?"
" I have something to show you. Follow me." She led them outside and they all smiled when they saw Fjoka.
"Is this Froka?" Lilica asked stroking him.
"Yes Lilica, it's Fjoka. Can I keep him?"
"Of course." Her mother answered.
The entire family crowded around Fjoka. Slyra was closest to his head." I love you, Slyra."
"I love you Fjoka."
"I see your love saved me."
"That and dragon tears."