Something So Real

Ryle had to go to Singapore to study for school because his parents weren't too happy with his report card. So as punishment he was sent away for a year or two to Singapore in hope to 'knock some studying sense back into him' as he had told me on the phone. Now this was a problem for both of us, we had confessed to the other, we wanted to be with each other and here he was, leaving for Singapore. His parents had already booked the flight, a week before school started. This sudden change of plans saddened me and brought me down, he was my first boyfriend, the one boy who cared for me enormously and was very loyal. We had only just started on what we knew could last so long and before we could even begin, something just had to come along to make it difficult. I knew I was going to miss him heaps. I didn't even know when he was coming back; I guess he didn't know himself or he didn't want to tell me. He wasn't flying solo though; his older sister was to go with him. I didn't mind that as at least he wouldn't be lonely and I knew she'd make sure we kept in touch, Jess basically adored me.

Since it was almost midway during the summer break we spent every other day together, going places like the city or any other near by shopping malls, each other's places, or just walking around the neighbourhood. We did everything we could think of to just give us a couple of memories for him to take with him to Singapore and for me to remember and treasure as I waited patiently for his safe return. Even though he told me countless of times he would come back, I tried not to think the negative side to what he had told me.

"I'll never change my mind, my heart and my soul about you, you'll always be my girl and I'll always be your boy," but somehow I felt like I was holding him back, from what could be fate.

I was a big believer in fate back then, never a day where something I heard happened did I not relate it back to fate. Fate was something that was there, it was a guide to what you would achieve once you listen to it. At every opportunity I got I always brushed my problems away by saying it was just fate. Every rejection; fate, every argument; fate, every mess-up; fate. And to what I believed at the time, maybe Ryle leaving for a while was fate telling me that we weren't meant to be together just yet? That maybe we were supposed to remain good friends but somehow figure it out later on in life? I didn't know what fate wanted for us but what I knew what I wanted was Ryle to stay here in Melbourne.

Unfortunately the day Ryle had to leave came quicker than the down pour of rain, surprisingly it was raining when we left although the weather forecast did say sunshine throughout the whole day, but then again that was typical Melbourne weather.

Dad dropped me off at Ryle's house, as I wanted to go with them to drop them off at the airport, and also because Ryle said it would make him feel better if I was the last person he saw before leaving. Dad had advised to leave 3-4 hours prior to the flight so the luggage and ticketing was final and we have a lot of free time for ourselves to just walk around, talk, and be merry. How I could be merry about seeing my boyfriend leave me for a year or two? That didn't make sense whatsoever, I was just in those moods where, when I wanted something I wanted it done on the spot, since I couldn't change what had already been done, the best I could do for Ryle was to watch him walk through those doors towards the gates.

When we had finished with the luggage and ticketing I checked the time and saw we had 3 hours to kill before the first boarding call. "Thanks Dad, you probably did the whole 4 hours thing to torture me further than to the torture I'm already having!" Ryle and I decided to go for a walk and look at what they were selling at the moment.

"Do you want me to buy you anything from duty-free? So it's certain I'm coming back?" Ryle asked gently, trying to give me an encouraging smile, but I knew deep inside he was crying and very much wanted to stay here than fly to Singapore.

"Certain? Why? Didn't you're parents mention to you when you're coming back?" I questioned, getting rather curious. I knew he had mentioned to me before that he didn't know when he'd be coming back but that was during the holidays, now it was the day he was leaving and he didn't know when he was coming back?

"Well, I don't think they intend on me coming back," Ryle replied looking straight ahead, not wanting to meet my gaze.

"They don't want you here? With me? Is it because of me?" I asked, hoping his answer was a dead straight 'no', to my surprise he laughed a bit, kissing me on the cheek whilst pulling me into a tight hug. His arms around me, his jacket was nice and soft, I felt like falling asleep, despite it being only 6 in the evening.

"No, why would you think such a thing? They love you, if they hated you I don't think they'd try to fit you in the car with us," Ryle replied again, closing his eyes as if savouring the moment that I was in his arms.

"So how come you don't know when you're coming back."

"Well, if they see my grades pick up, you'll be seeing me everyday after a year I guess?"

"A year sounds too long,"

"I know, I know. Time will tell,"

"Speaking of time, do you think we'll last through that whole year?"

"Yes, of course. Why?"

"What if things change?"

"Why? Have you replaced me with a temporary boyfriend for whilst I'm away?" Ryle asked, in a teasing tone that I knew was going to lead to him calling me cute.

"NO! Stupid! I could never do that!" I replied looking at him curiously and a hint of a fake anger, with that he just looked at me and laughed.

"You're so cute,"

"I knew you were going to say that!"

"Yeah well you are, that's what's going to make me stay with you for the whole time I'm away" with that I looked at him, he looked back at me. "I know what you were trying to talk about my honey, there's no way I can change my mind now. We've only just started and I have to leave in, say 1 hour," I looked at the huge clock in the hallway, hoping he was joking but was very disappointed when I saw the clock, 7pm, 1 hour before his flight. Ryle seemed to know what I was thinking so tried to uplift the situation, and an idea sprung to his head the moment I turned my head, I had left my neck completely free for kiss-tickling. So he began to give me small quick kisses on my neck, slowly tickling me, making me giggle. Of course I responded my tucking my neck in, so instead of kissing my on my neck he just kissed me, nice and slow on my lips. This time I responded well and went along with it, until his little brother, Ryan bumped into us to interrupt.

"Ryle, dad says you have to start getting ready, you have to go at seven-thirty," Ryan said in a not-so chirpy voice that was the usual sound that came out of his cute mouth.

"Yeah ok, just give me a minute ok Ryan. I wanna be with…" But he never finished as Ryan interrupted him.

"Your honey. I know! I know!" Ryan mocked cleverly in a voice very much like his older brother and then went back to the family. The moment he left, Ryle turned to me, I turned back to him the moment I stopped giggling from Ryan's mockery of Ryle.

"Right, now that he's gone…" Ryle started.

"You have to admit that was a pretty good imitation of you," I said, giggling still.

"I guess. But I don't really sound like that do I?" Ryle asked, a cute eyebrow slightly rising.

"No baby, of course not. You sound hotter and older than that,"

"I thought so…" Ryle said sounding quite up himself, "But that's not what I want to clear with you right now,"

"Ok?" I knew he was getting on a serious note.

"I have no problem with you moving on after a while if me being gone if this is too much for you. I want you to know that. If someone comes along and you feel you're being held back, tell me and I'll let you go. I don't want to hold you back from anything ok?" He explained, the seriousness in his tone made me go silent and not look at his straight in the eye. He took one gentle hand and turned my head towards his so I was now looking at him. "Promise me, you will tell me if something's up," I smiled and kissed him on the cheek lightly.

"Promise," I said my hand holding his cheek gently, "The same applies to you as well!"

"Oh but of course. I guess email is our only bet?" Ryle replied sounding so sure of himself.

"Ok, we better head back?" I asked plainly.

"No not just yet, I have something I want to give before we do,"

"What did I tell you? No splurges?" I said in a tone that meant he was going to get a lecture.

"No it isn't a splurge. See?" with that he pulled out this beautiful silver-plated bracelet, on it the words 'I love you, my honey,' he began to put it on my wrist and I watched him do so. I then gave him a huge hug, with Ryle returning it, both of us hugging tight as if not to let the other go.

"Ryle! We're going to be late!" Ryna called from where the family was standing. We then let go, with Ryle kissing my cheek again before heading back to where they were, hand in hand. He then hugged his family for the last time, Ryna hugging me as well and wishing me luck with Ryan. Ryle came back to me, kissing me softly on the lips and then kissing my hand as they turned to leave. I smiled back at him when he turned back as they went through the doors. Then he was gone, and I wouldn't be feeling his warm embrace or his tender lips for a long time, a bit over the melodramatics but its how I felt at the time.

Time passed on and nothing had changed, no feelings had faded, my grades were great thus being awarded more money to go out, but in the end I was still missing Ryle like hell. It had been almost 5 months since Ryle left for Singapore. We had celebrated our month anniversaries through the Internet on msn messenger using webcam. And my goodness had he changed heaps – image wise. He now had blonde tips and his fashion sense seemed to evolve because he was always wearing the hottest shirts I had ever seen! I was coping pretty well I thought. Kevin, Rhys, Erwin, and Justin as the role of Ryle's friends promised Ryle they'd look after me and keep me safe whilst he was away. They also kept me company during the term break between term 1 and term 2. It was great, Ryle and I were still going strong, even though he was in another country, and his friends were so supporting and helpful, like older brothers despite them each living about an hour away. I wished so much that Ryle could be with me but of course; there was nothing anyone could do to help with me missing Ryle.

Finally semester break came, the last day of school before a 3-week vacation. The girls and I had planned to go to the city to celebrate, just the usual walking around the city, seeing different characters amongst the crowd and of course the shopping sprees. We all had a half-day and had subjects that hardly required any form of books so we just brought handbags. Just as we were descending on the 2nd block of stairs out of 3 I saw a familiar figure standing at the bottom of the 3rd block of stairs. 'It couldn't be… Could it?' For a moment I thought to myself, thoughts flowing in and out of my head. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and basically tripped on the concrete but catching myself quickly so I wouldn't form a friendship with the concrete. All my friends started laughing and then Jane called out my nickname, the nickname Ryle was always most familiar with. With that, the familiar figure turned around to where he seemed to have heard a noise. And there I saw him, his cute face shining at me, I knew for a time I would just only imagine seeing his face again, his smile, his charming eyes, or just all together him. When he saw me, I saw the cutest smile appear on his face, I started going down the stairs slowly, my darling Ryle watching me come closer to him, carefully making sure I wasn't going to trip to rid us of our eye contact. He then walked towards me; I stopped on one step in front of him, my friends closely watching behind me.

"Hey you," Ryle's voice slowly echoed through my ears, treasuring those sweet notes.

"Hey yourself. You're late," I replied, watching that cute boyish grin that always had me weak in the knees.

"Late? For what?" Ryle asked curiously, slightly taking a step towards me, his eyes working wonders and telling me to kiss him right here and now.

"Late in informing me of your arrival maybe?" I replied, looking innocent and kindly playing mind games with him, leaning forward a bit on the step I still stood on.

"I see. Well then… will this make up for it?" Ryle asking placing his hands carefully on my sides, sliding them till they stopped on my lower back and then kissed me right there. By then I had my arms around is neck and was savouring the kiss I longed for all those months. Our kiss would've gone on for longer and would've been much better if only my friends hadn't started teasing us with the usual taunting sounds. After that kiss we hugged tight and told each other how much we missed each other, the girls knew I didn't want to blow them off on going to the city, but they knew I didn't want to blow Ryle off either so kindly invited him to our outing to the city. When they mentioned Ryle come along I would've worshipped them for years to come.

When it was time to go home Ryle came home with me to make sure I got home safe as if was getting dark. We took the line he usually took to school and then took 2 buses to get to my house. Mom and dad were really surprised to see him, almost as surprised as I was back at school. It just only proved that we could go the distance, despite him studying in Singapore, we still carried on as if he had never moved. And because of his comeback, my parents knew he was well worth my time and theirs. Nothing could have made me happier, unless Ryle moved back to Australia that is. But for the time being, I was the happiest girl in the world.