The Power of Prayer (A Little Girl's Three Wishes)

Once upon a time there was a little girl who, like the good little girl she was, prayed every night and every morning with her mother. To her praying to God was like turning to a genie for three wishes. But little did she know that her three wishes were to be granted to her throughout her whole life, not in an instant but they still came. Plus she had to work quite a lot for the coming of those wishes. But of course, seeing as she was little and was an only child, God listened to her prayers and found what she was praying for was quite challenging yet worthwhile. So He blessed her with a little brother, who her parents named Gabriel as to them it was a miracle that he came into the world. The little girl was thrilled, having one of her three wishes being granted.

Then as she grew older from a little girl to a growing young lady, she wished for a family, she could call her own. But not just any family, a family who understood her more than herself, who treasured every single memory they shared together as one. A family who would be forever full of happiness and laughter and would always be there when the times got rough. God saw her needs and knew she only meant the best and benefit of others, having always put others before herself. Sadly leaving her badly wounded with many scars that had yet to heal when all her efforts were thrown back in her face. So God granted her second wish and blessed her with a family of youth, not just within her youth group but also within the safety of her own school and outside. A group of youth to call her own, a group whom she embraced with open arms, not knowing half of the youth she was blessed with very well as of yet. With every obstacle she had been pushed towards, she knew she could accomplish anything as she had her own little family to back her up and stand beside her all the way.

Now, the little girl who has grown into a young woman is patiently waiting for God to grant her final wish from her youth, which is to witness a miracle. Any miracle so long as it was a miracle. She currently has a lot of obstacles threatening to take away her happiness and she would gladly pray for to get better as the time passes. Yet instead of prayed and asking for those problems to go away, here she is, standing as strong as can be, and taking in every blow those obstacles have yet to offer. That miracle has yet to happen but until then, that little girl, now a grown woman is just so happy that she was allowed to witness two of her wishes come true.

Miracles do happen and sometimes they are but the smallest things you could ever witness. A child being born, a smile from an ill person, a letter from someone who can't talk and so on. People call them little, but that little girl would call them huge. God is still waiting for the right time to grant that little girl her third wish. But until then, she's just waiting for a chance to prove to the world what the power of Prayer can do and what wonders cherishing every moment in life we receive, whether they are blessings in disguise or obstacles with lessons to be learnt.