Fantasy World

Chapter 1- My Strangest Birthday

Have you ever met a good witch or a bad witch? To answer my question you have to meet me. I myself am a good witch. I was born to a regular family like any other kid. But one day, I don't remember when, I felt kind of funny. What I mean is suddenly what ever I wanted came true. For example: one day I wanted very much to eat ice cream, before I had a chance to ask my mother I had ice cream in my hand. Another time I had a test to study for and I wished I did not have to study. The next day the teacher called in sick and the test was canceled. During my childhood I did not have many friends. How many kids do you know that would like to be friends with witches? When I was in 6th grade my parents send me to MS 54 where half of the kids are witches. I met Ali was when every 6th grader was waiting outside and I said "Hi" to her, I had a strong feeling I met her before, but I never saw her in my life. She quickly became my friend. Alexandria whom I call Ali for short took me to Fantasy World. It is a special place where magic happens.

This story begins in a bright, and beautiful morning when the light crept to my room. I was the first one up in my house. My school starts at 7:50 AM. My alarm clock woke me up but…. " Shut up you stupid alarm clock!!!!!" said Daphne Blake. That is me. I know that a real alarm clock isn't alive but I was cranky and tired. I am always tired and cranky in the morning. I didn't realize that was my birthday and Mother's Day (May 14th is my birthday.) Last night I planned for three whole hours for Mother's Day. I made my mother toast and egg. After I put my mother's breakfast in her bed I went to take a shower. My house have three bedrooms. My sisters have their own bedroom, I have my own a bedroom, and my parents have their own bedroom.

My sisters and I are triplets. My other sisters name are Kelly and Karen. I will tell you a bit about Karen. Karen is the oldest of the triplets. Karen always tends to be the perfectionist. Karen goes to Horace Mann and wakes up at 6:00 AM. Karen has brown hair and blue eyes. Kelly on the other hand is very different from Karen, Kelly tries to work hard in school. She goes to Nightingale. Kelly has blonde hair and blue eyes. I am really close to Kelly. Kelly wakes up at 6:30 AM.

When I was taking a shower I was singing "Oops, I Did It Again" from the new song Brittany Spears sing on the radio. When I finished my shower I went to the Kitchen.

Karen rushed by me. I said "bye " to her but she never responded to me. I asked Kelly "Why did Karen not say Hello or Goodbye or Happy Birthday? '' Kelly just shrugged her shoulders at me. There was breakfast for me. I just nodded my head to Kelly to say thanks. Kelly in returned just laughed. Kelly went to brush her teeth and left saying " Goodbye Daphne." I waved my hand to her as she left. I brushed my teeth. I said goodbye to my house and my parents. I went to school and waited for Ali. She sneaked up right behind me.

When she tapped me she said "Boo!!!!" Ali had scared me. I just screamed at her and I chased her. I am a really fast runner so I caught Ali. She said in a frightful voice " I won't do that again!!!" I said " Okay." Then I went upstairs with Ali to the classroom. My Teacher Ms. Wolf was always complaining about my class being so loud but I didn't care about that.

My class comes in at 7:50 AM but school starts at 8:00 or 8:30 while the rest of the school starts at 7:50. Ms. Wolf was screaming at my class " Children please be quiet, please!!!!" She sound like she was begging. For 2 periods and a homeroom we just talked. My class just loves to chatter and bother Ms. Wolf. I copied my homework:


World History rd. p. 622-626 do Map study and questions 1,2,4, and 5.

Junior Scholastic rd. p.7-12 Do Word Match, Think About It, and Map Questions due tomorrow.

At table 5 ( the table I sit ) There are Carrie, Alexia, Ali, Lindsey, Cathie, Elisabeth, and Me. We all discussed how we should answer the questions. I said we should look for the answers and look at the map for the map questions, and we should work in groups. Everyone agreed. It was fun till we heard a weird noise. We looked up and we saw a black crow talking to us. He said " Come with me where the fantasy comes alive" and after that Table 5 was surrounded by a hole and then we came back.

Everything was frozen for a second and then came back to life. Ali told us to forget about it what just happened but yet more strange events happened.

During Art class everyone was pointing at the window. All of the sudden everything was dark Even Ms. Weatherbug was so bewildered by what was happening. " The weatherman never said anything about a Thunder storm." Said Ms. Weatherbug everyone laughed. Ms. Weatherbug asked " What did I say? Did I say something wrong?" Ali answered " No, it's not a Thunder storm Ms. Weatherbug, it is an eclipse " Then the bell rang to finish the last period for sixth graders. My class went upstairs to get our jackets.