Chapter 9- Trip to Fantasy World

When I went to sleep the old hag said:

" Ready to go to Fantasy World?"

I answered back by saying " Yes I am Bye old Hag"

After that I rushed to through this tunnel. When the tunnel stop their was a Colorful ball saying:

" Welcome to Fantasy have a nice day!!!"

I waited for Ali when she came after me.

" Do you want to meet Rose, Cait, and Nina?" Ali asked

I Said " Okay, are they your witch friends?"

"Yes, Daphne." Answered Ali

Cait had beautiful Blonde hair and purple eyes which change to green to blue.

Rose had Brown hair and Green eyes.

" I dyed my hair from black hair to brown hair!" said Rose

What was also unique about Rose was that she had a crescent moon on her forehead.

Nina had brown hair and eyes. I told them that I envy their looks.

" You can't envy my brown hair and eyes" said Nina

" You have very light and beautiful eyes and hair." I replied

Nina just blushed and said " Thanks" Rose and Cait also said " Thanks"

" Let us all buy a sandwich and then read for twenty minutes and then swim." Suggested Ali

We all agreed. We ate and then read a book. " Which school do you go Rose, Cait, and Nina?" I asked

" We all go to Hogwarts where the Famous Harry Potter goes" answered Rose

I went back to reading until Ali's watch beep for twenty minutes is over.

We all swam. I was the fastest in swimming. We all went to the hotel for a massage. Then we all went to take a nap. I felt very good after the nap. Me and Ali played chess but I was really bad at playing chess. We both met Rose, Cait, and Nina. We all decided to go to the bridge and talk about our life and what is going on. Rose went first:

" My life is okay except when I am around with Amy."

I asked " Who is Amy?"

"Amy is a spirit who help raise me. Every rich family has a Spirit." Answered Rose. Ali told me we had to go. I said bye to them. Me and Ali went back to the tunnel. I got back home and fell asleep.

Chapter 10- Was It A Dream Or Not?

I woke up fully from my alarm clock. " you stupid Alarm clock I wish you would never ring that stupid bell of yours." I said

" Daphne are you all right" asked Karen

" Yes" I answered back

I looked at my watch May 14th. Today is my birthday. I took a bath and got dress.

" Goodbye Karen" I said

" Bye Daphne and Kelly" said Karen

Kelly couldn't say goodbye because her mouth was full.

She then brushed her teeth and said bye to me.

" Bye Kelly" I said.

I called Ali.

" Hello Daphne" said Ali

" Hello Ali. I have a question to ask you" I said

" Spit the question out." Replied Ali

" Was it true what happened with me that I am a witch and how I became a witch?" I asked

" Yes, but I put the time different so no one remembers accept you and me." Said Ali

" Thanks Ali!" I said

" Your welcome" said Ali

" Ali promise me you'll never tell anyone that I am witch , okay" I said

" Of Coarse" said Ali

" Bye" I said

" Bye" Ali said

I was glad that Ali was my Best friend now. I put the phone back and
went to school.