Everytime she saw a happy family, she cried. She cried for what she didn't have and wanted so badly in her heart. She wanted them to be whole and perfect again. Then there was him, he was always just there looking at her with his beautiful eyes. He was the first person to ever look directly into hers. Maybe that was why she loved him.

She squinted at the sun, that blinded everyone turning everything a strange shade of fairy tale gray, the way things seemed dirty when you knew the end, when you knew what was going to happen. He put his sunglasses on her and she sighed and leaned against the diner, as he turned away from her.

"They don't see it like we do, you know. They don't think like we do, they're never going to."

She gave him a wistful look, and he could feel it's sorrow, and madness burn into his back.

"They're never going to understand you, especially you." He gave her an intense look.
"They don't see what we see, they see what's for them, they don't see the beauty, the wonder. To them words are only on paper, but a horse is not defined by its existance. It has adventures, and marvelous encounters. That's how we are, you are. We aren't defined by the fact that we are alive. We are alive because we have defined ourselves. We are who we are, because we are alive."

She took one of his hands in hers and put the other on his face.

"You're right, you always are. You say such beautiful things, but when you say them, you say them like you are losing them. You say these words like once they leave your mouth they're lost forever."

He gave her a look and turned away. They walked along the stone boulevard for a while, until they were lost.

"I told you one day, I would dance with you, far away from the world. I would show you."

"Show me?"

"The view from the top."

She looked out from the hilltop and saw the whole city beneath her.

"Look at it down there, so tiny and beautiful." She said in almost a gasp, voice full of wonder.

"It's below you, it's all below you. Everyone is below you, you and your beautiful mind.

"No," she said, "you are not below me. You are beside me. You are my strength."

He took her hand and with a final look at a town where they were in love, they walked off. Soon, it would be like they never met. She would be gone, but he... he would live on. He would only have her memory. Only thoughts to prove she ever existed.

He wondered if anyone like her, could really ever exist though.