Beaming bright voices haloed in sound
A choir in plaintive, rising tones
A cry not of voices, but of the true heart
Its tone rises in despair
In the stone shadow of the golden city I hear it

And I weep at the sound

The sounds of the world melt away
Cities fade into translucence
All that is, is a call to something more
Cities of sand and thatch
Cities of stone and brick
Cities of wire and metal and glass
Cities built of man
Buildings of thought
Concepts, ideas, beliefs, ideologies
Formulated structures all around us
Encasing more than just our bodies
Protecting us from more than just the elements

Tiny, bright-winged ideas thump
Against the windows we have closed
Against the structures we have manufactured
Against the systems of thought we have made manifest

The call has faded from my mind
Never heard by ears, but by the heart
I walked in the alleyways of this world for a long time
I have seen the buildings here
I have climbed their stairs and gazed out their windows
And a great emptiness opened up before me
Shimmering cities of glass and metal filled with people

Aching and hollow and artificial

I stand in an alleyway now

I hear billions of voices crying out
And the whispered answer within those voices
It calls from our home

Beyond the oceans of metal and glass
Jungles of concrete and memory
It lies beyond the reach of the artifice of man

It whispers to us through our own words
For we stand in its shadow

The shadow of the golden city