Being Classified 8/9/03

A lot of people in society do this to everyone. Teenagers often do this to their peers. Parents often classify their teens either trouble or not trouble teenagers. A lot of people hate being classified by what they do, how they act, what they wear and list could go on for along time. Being classified is frustrating, for example if you talk and hang around with boys for along time, then your classify as a slut by most girls. Some girls have problems with making friends with other girls, because of how girls tend to be jealous of each other. The person who hangs around with boys, aren't necessarily sluts, they just could be friends with boys easier then girls. Some girls are also classified as jocks, because they like sports and play in sports.

Parents often classified their own children when they are teenagers. Some parents would classify with their children as troubled even if they aren't necessarily troubled. A lot of teenagers are known not to think before what they say. Sometimes some teenagers do think, but that is hardly the case.

Classifying people started within society. Society it self have some flaws about how to treat several people. Societies also have ways by teasing people because of their flaws, like they way we dress, how we act, and so on. Society doesn't need to do this to people because nobody is perfect. Societies of course have to need to this to everyone because society is looking for someone who is perfect and to respect this person.

Classifying people are also a way for people to hide their own insecurities about themselves. Classifying people would help other people who think badly about themselves think highly about themselves and tease other people about that. This could only tell how low the self-esteem of this person.