College Finance

It is known that since the 1950's baby boom there have been an increase of how many children come into the world, however these children would have to save a lot of money just to enter for college. Colleges are on the raise again for the price of education, board, and food. The college cost is expected to rise at 5 percent this year. Besides the fact that colleges are becoming more and more expensive, the fact is there is a less of chance of getting into a college because of the amount of competition.

Most parents don't know that once their children are born, they should start investing for their children education in college. Parents should also teach their children to start investing in money instead of wasting money, which most children learn to do. Most parents should also teach their children the value of a dollar. What I really do not understand is why colleges increase tuition. This makes most children not to be able to get into college because they financially do not have enough money or the competition was too hard for them. Let's say that a lot of children get a high 1300 and low 1400 that means that the colleges have to pick the very best and then it will be difficult for many children to get accepted to the colleges they want to be accepted to. This is going to be hard, because lots of children would be disappointed because they believe that they are the best and only the best for going to the college that they want to go to.

Now I am wondering whether I could even get into college with the fact is that the competition is heavy and fierce. The fact remains on why do a lot of colleges cost a lot of money, and is everybody willing to pay that much for an education, because they might not have enough?