Diet Coke Commercial:

I saw a commercial which was very cute. The commercial was showing two people drinking diet coke and watching an old and very famous movie with romance in it, and the two people ended up dancing together. Oh, how very romantic it was. I was thinking how very cute this advertisement was.

I then thought of why advertisements do this. Advertisements want people to buy whatever they are advertising, and there are many way to advertise something. For many advertisers, they think of ways how to capture the audience attention for a few second and then get them to buy their products. Many advertisers capture the specific age group within the audience. For this advertisement showing an old-fashioned movie with two people finding romance, this advertisement targeted mostly older teens and young adults. The advertisers want you to think that if you buy their product, in this case, diet coke, that you will actually find true love at the movie theater drinking diet coke.

This would be cute if this actually happened to me, but I doubted this, because after all this is just a commercial. Most advertisers try to make the advertisement closely related to something that could happen to the audience. The advertisers also want the audience to believe what happens in the commercial would happen to them, if they buy the product. This is why teenagers get hook on some commercials because they believe that if they buy that product then something good would happen to them. Even though, the diet coke commercial was cute, I am glad I did not decide to go to the supermarket to get diet coke. I am sure glad that I don't think that if something in a commercial would get me something that I want to happen would actually happen that way. So I am so glad I do not do what most teenagers, my age, do!