Should I buy the Shampoo?

While watching a TV commercial, I saw a shampoo that I wanted to buy. Of course like all commercials, there was a girl using the shampoo and then walked on the streets and some boys began to follow her. Of course this type of advertisement would appeal a lot to teenage girls. To me this appealed to me because I thought this would appeal to some boys. But then I thought would this shampoo really get guys my attention. I always thought that a person should like who you are not how the hair would smell.

I was thinking of buying this shampoo. Then I thought about why that shampoo advertised that way. Of course, this commercial was aim for teenagers. Also I had to show the commercial to my mother, but I thought it will give a bad message to her, so I thought so much about whether I need to have this shampoo because I have a good shampoo that helps my hair. All I thought is that I need a good shampoo, which I have, to help my hair to be healthy, shiny and not looking greasy.

So I decided not to be pressure in by this commercial, as how all other teenagers. Most commercials do target a certain age range and to get those people to get their product, so for me I am not getting into that trap. Besides I do not have to get this shampoo because I do not need a new shampoo. So I am glad that I wrote this because I feel so much better for making the right choice.