The Myths of Writing

There are some popular myths about writing. There are seven known myths. For example, the first known myth is that good writers are born, not made, the second myth is that good writers work alone, the third myth is that good writers know what they are going to say before they start writing, the fourth myth is that good writers make complete plans and outline before they write, the fifth myth is that good writers get it right the first time, the sixth myth is that good writing comes from knowing all the grammar rules, and last but not least myth is that writing is writing is writing.

Some of these myths are completely stupid. Writers are not born but become good writers through practicing their writing and following instructions. Good writers don't work alone, maybe while they are writing their story, but often writers need to talk with people, like their editors and need some of their friends to also give the writer advice, suggestions, evaluation, and encouragement. Writers do make an outline when they start writing a story, however when more flow of ideas come, the writers add on to this outline or make the outline bigger. Not all original ideas in the outline may be use in a story. A writer knows that he or she must always edit their work and reedit till the work is perfect, but never on the first try writing a story, does a writer get it perfect. Not all good writers know the rules of grammar, I myself am a good writer but don't know all the grammar rules. Knowing the grammar rules may help boost confident to a writer. Writing is actually has a wide range from writing a simple sentence to writing a complex essay. Not all writing is same; writing cannot be reduced to simple rules.

Some people take these myths for granted and are never aware that they could become good writers.