Whether the reports on the News are true?

It has been known since the 1880's that Yellow Journalism as a type of news written in the newspaper. Then most of the news was biased. For example the Spanish-American war, mostly started by misunderstanding and the newspapers made the Spanish government look bad, and made the people think that it is better to go to war. Then Yellow journalism often made most of the news for the best interest for the people. We still have in a way yellow journalism, because after reading an article most people's opinion change to whatever the writer wanted the audience to think.

I've read a recent article in the Insight magazine talking about the past of a writer who wrote in New York Times. This writer wrote about Russia during Stalin's time, something about how the peasants in Poland were not starving, and in this case this wasn't true. There was a starvation for the Polish people. Of course the people who read the writer's articles thought that there was nothing wrong for the Polish people. Most writers think that this writer was a horrible writer because he was not telling the truth and had a pact with Stalin and that most of his writing should be discredited.

In this day and age, yellow journalism isn't called that but called the news. Most news put it in their way, being biased and trying to convince the people that they should think in their way. Even the news tells it in their own way. So I keep on thinking whether the reports on the news and the newspapers are actually true. So next time you read an article or hear a report on the news, think whether they are actually telling the whole truth, you should never trust the history of newspapers and the news!