I Tried is a more upbeat song, still having depressed kind of lyrics but having a more cheerful sound in a kind of double whammy of happy and sad. I dunno, it's one of my favorites. Touched this one up as well. It's better now.

I Tried

You know I can't control the sound,
The way my heart begins to pound!
I can't wrap my brain around, the thought of you!
So you can't see, me the same,
I know I blew it all away!
By the things I, never got to say to you!

Does... This make a difference?!
Will it, change a god damn thing!?
Can you, ever forgive this?!
Do you know, you are my everything?
All that I need!

I tried so hard to keep you here!
My downfall was my own fear!
I can't breathe whenever I am, near you!
I can't hide all my mistakes!
Can't fix everything I break!
But a smile is all it takes, I'm in love with you!

Can't it, make a difference?!
Can't I, change a single thing?!
Could you, ever believe this?!
You'll always be my everything!
All I'll ever see!
Is you!!

The words I speak, they feel so wrong!
Like lyrics from a stolen song!
Don't mean a thing now that you're gone away!
Believe I'll always love the way!
Your laughter lights your angelic face!
What will it take to make you, stay with me?!
To make you, love me...
You're simply, everything.