The summer wanes away –
Slowly but surely as the Earth takes baby steps in fall's direction.
Almost there.

The hotcold of my skin against the bullet
can only feel better atop icy cliffs, as the sky gleams iridescent above me.
I'll look for the cerulean of your eyes somewhere in the phenomenon of lights.

I will find my way to the Northern Lights without you, my dear.

The crisp air brought clarity to my thoughts and your words brought new focus.
Its far and extreme to go out in a flame of midnight sun, I know,
but it's worth it –
an execution worthy of your name, with a flair of drama and a
heart stopping end.
It'll be the last thing I ever do (for you, love)
so cherish this letter, written by shaking hands that were never really deserving of yours.

Don't think of it as just another suicide;
rather – a tribute on your behalf,
a sacrifice on mine.
A favor for us both.