I saw you again on Monday

Maybe it was just lucky

You looked at me, talked to me

I thought we'd have a good time

The chemistry was science level

I know you felt it too

I saw you bite your lip

Each time I spoke a word

You feel so self-conscious

Measuring up to those magazines (fuck it)

Start feeling confident,

I want to change your world

He says he loves his music

But he loves you too

You won't be together, two months from now

But you know who will be waiting,

Just to help you say goodbye?

The way he talks, the way he laughs

You think this kid was going high

But that's just a joke you should have known

Who the fuck trusts someone without a home?

"I love my music baby" he'll cry to you

Dreams last forever, and you sure can't change one of his

But maybe you could follow mine

Love me baby like I love you too

We'll make our own music together

Call it you and I