Purge me like a witch because I'm casting spells,

Words that turn faces like magic and charming those who hear me.

What could it be that has you all so inspired? A fire?

Lit inside your mind, or is it just I, that have gone...insane?

No, no, no, no, no.


These words are so unique. Creative! The way in which I wrap you to the sentence like a whip in a BDSM situation and keep you biting on the gag of Webster's latest dictionary when you want to ask a question you can't find a break because your mind is following my lips not my words.


Sweat will roll from my flesh and you'll desire to apply your fingers in such ways that may not be so pg, for the kids, but nevertheless I remain faithful to the one that I love and while I have lost you in the midst of these lyrics I have gained the respect of knowing that as long as my prose continues to grow that words will drive into your skull like hammer-to-nail and I'll give you one last line to decipher this curse.