Author's note: I received this strange letter and am having trouble understanding it, so I decided to post it, maybe someone can help me.

Letter of Dawn

Day: September 7th, 2007

Time: 4:50 a.m. to 5 a.m

It was a quite night apart from the owl chanting to the full moon above her. Underneath was a world of deception, lies, death. Yet a side from this dark themes, this world had happiness, love and life.

Secrets and coincidences made this world steady enough to live in, but also bad enough to not want to.

Some say it's not worth living, some say it's not worth dieing, some want to live forever, others want do die quietly.

In this world of contradictions, lies a problem that has yet to find solution. To enlight this issue one must think outside the rules of society, yet know them, not only to respect others and himself, but also to find the path to enlightenment.

This isn't a story, as much as it is a monologue. As it is obvious to you, you can't interact with me, but I can interact with you. This may seem strange now, but consider it a clue to understand this... Don't worry you'll figure it out eventually, sooner or later, no rush.

For now go grab your self a cup of tea or coffee, a bite to eat, go to sleep or whatever you have to do. I'm not going to tell you everything at once.

William Glace