Letter of Love

Day: January 4rd, 2009

Time: 2:00 a.m. to 2:25 a.m.

How can one know about love, without ever experience it. How can one know be in love, if one doesn't know what is like to be in love.
People talk about love all the time, writers write of it, singers sing about, actors represent it (is that even the right word?), and apparently Spring is the season is the most opportune for it, or so everyone says.
Anyway, love is one o the feelings humans still haven't figured it out, feelings in general are confusing, but love...love is that feeling, the feeling everyone claims to feel or to have felt, the feeling that manages to build lives to give birth to life, or to destroy lives, to kill life...
There are many problems with the interpretation of love, first like every thing in life, it depends on the point of view of the people involved and sometimes of the people not involved. Another problem is the many kinds of love, let's see you have family love, you have friendship love, you have lovers love, you have unconditional love, yet there is only one love, confusing is it? But hey, if we all could understand love, we wouldn't be having this conversation or should I say monologue...

And then there's sex. People talk about making love, getting laid, having sex, and so on. But there is one major difference between having sex and making love. While sex you can have with a stranger (many pay for it), to make love... To make love you can only accomplish that with a person you like, with a person you love. Sex is involved yes, no doubt about it, but it's insignificant. The best thing about making love is that you can achieve pleasure, probably more pleasure then if you were having just sex. You are probably asking how is that possible, it's simple, Love...

So what is it, why is so complicated to experience it, why is it so complicated to make it happen?... Better yet, what is Love?

That strange feeling.

William Glace