Cough and dance, coffin dance.
We breathe through plywood stapled shut
and whisper in winds passing through the tombs.
We break the marble prison cells
and let our spirit wander about
these dusty floors of lifeless doubt.
Dance with me in shallow graves;
I've no longer got a home to stay
to tap my feet against the gravestones,
to juggle destiny with dread.
I'm alone, my friend: waltz with my ghost
in my haven six feet below,
the earthly mist I love the most.
Swallow the growing grass,
let the life fly from your fingertips to your feet.
Dance with me, this rhythmic chime
of lullabies rocking to a hollow beat.
The paths will open their jaws
to our music embedded
in the dance we create.
The night sparkles so kindly,
kindling darkness to our swollen eyes
manipulating our entwined fates.
And the trees are so lively as they sway
in mystic fog and we dance the night so smoothly,
never missing a step between our breath.
Wander these empty halls with me,
drink this tasty poison with me,
forget the gap between life and death.