Eden sang a sweet melody in its snowglobe of Heaven-in-a-Box.
I watched carefully with closed eyes, breathing in its scent of loss.
What perfection behind the glowing glass!
Yet no one gave a second glance
at the perfect world within arm's reach
of the cemented footsteps upon their path.

Eden sang a sweet melody as it wept softly in its slumber,
letting the brush grow and the sky weep
at its death of a second chance.
I saw the glass cracking and made no move
as the colors condensed in the light of the moon
and I listened to Eden's death in the pale light illuminated from below me.

Eden sang a melancholy melody and that night, I cried myself to sleep.
I dreamt of death and misery;
and as Eden sank below the sea,
it wondered if I could have saved it
while I wondered if Eden could have saved me.