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Story Six

Main Character and story: Dann Albright, my sci-fi elf character. Just read it to find's a pretty awesome story idea I hope to finish one day.

Genre: Sci-fi/Adventure/Fantasy

Dropping Through Dimensions



"Jumps. What do we know about them?" The tall, thin-faced General paced back and forth in front of the screen, his sharp eyes moving to lock with the Council members in turn. "We know that a Jump is a mathematical equation that gives us the ability to travel faster than light. We also know that we cannot attack while in a Jump, and that if calculated incorrectly, we could be destroyed before we reach our destination." He paused and cleared his throat. "Jumps have limitations. If there are too many moving objects nearby, it cannot be made. It cannot be made too near anything with significant gravitational pull. There are hundreds more, but I wont take your time to explain what you already know."

"We know all about Jumps," NW Councilor Jarden from the Bounty Hunter Sect scowled. "We've been using them for years. Where are you going with this?"

The General smirked behind his carefully blank expression. "We use Jumps all the time, yes. But they are not effective enough, or fast enough, or really anything useful besides traveling from one place to the next. I propose, that we find some other way of travel that is faster and more effective. Something that no one else can use."

"Something like that doesn't exist," NW Councilor Kessil snorted.

"On the contrary…" the General pressed a button on his remote, brining up a new slide on the screen behind him. "There is another form of travel…one that can not only send a traveler somewhere instantaneously, but breach the very fabric of Time itself!" The screen displayed a complex formula, so intricate and complex that it could only be a Proof for something close to impossible.

The Councilors all leaned forward, frowning with disbelief, and yet filled with intrigue. "How is this possible?" one asked.

"Another mathematical equation," the General let his smirk come to the surface. "Stolen from one of the most brilliant minds of our enemy. Our Assassins happened upon it completely accidentally, during a battle. Our enemy was outnumbered, about to be destroyed. One Assassin had even boarded the enemy's ship. That's when, desperate for something to do, he typed in this equation and made the most impressive escape our Assassin had ever seen." He clicked another button, and a new picture came up, this one of a ship surrounded by several different spheres. "If you need more simplification than that, Aim snuck onto one Dannflorr Albright's ship during that skirmish a while back, and witnessed the whole thing." The General cleared his throat.

"And what is this new form of travel called? How can we use it?" The Emperor himself asked. Although not present in person, he was viewing the meeting through a camera, responding through a hologram.

"It is called a Drop, my Lord," the General responded with more respect than to the other Council members. "Dannflorr called it that when he discovered it, because of the nature of the equation. When implemented, it drops you into a form of black hole, sucking you into the center of reality itself. Then, it spits you back out again wherever you want to go. All this must be determined ahead of time, of course, or you will never make it out of the black hole alive." He cleared his throat again, wondering if he needed a drink. "As for how we can use it, well…I believe I have a very good idea about that."

The Emperor smirked, rapping his fingers against an unseen table. "Let's hear it."


Dann stayed frozen, staring with wide eyes at the file before him. It was like a bad nightmare suddenly coming true to haunt him, and the horrible truth was that it was real. He didn't even know when he started twitching, but it was when someone placed a hand on his shoulder that he realized what he was doing.

"Dann," the Commander said seriously, turning the elf around so he could look at his face. "I have a feeling that you know more about this than we do." He scowled, looking again at the strange Proof the folder contained. "What is it? What does it mean?"

Dann swallowed, something very hard with his throat all constricted like this. "It's a Proof…" he squeaked, then coughed and licked his lips. "A Mathematical Proof for a form of space travel. I…invented it. It's called a Drop." He frowned and wiped his perspiring forehead.

The Commander raised his eyebrows. "You invented a form of space travel? But this was stolen from the NW Database…their current project that they've been working on for months! How did they get it?"

"I was captured several months ago," Dann scowled, shifting from foot to foot and scanning through the file carefully. "I made a Drop, thinking I could escape, but Aim was already on board. He knocked me out, stole the equation, and turned it in. I managed to escape just fine, but I had no idea that he…" Dann hung his head and sighed. "This is all my fault…I didn't even tell you about it. I should have!"

"Why didn't you?" the Commander asked, his voice edged with anger and disappointment.

Dann felt ashamed. "It's not a safe form of travel. Even if one slight error is made, you could be destroyed! It wasn't perfect, and I thought….I thought I needed to perfect it before letting the word out about it." He glanced through the file once again, and then paused, scowling. "But something is different. It looks like they did modify it. This isn't just teleportation…It's….something more…."

The Commander sighed, crossing his arms. "What does it do? What have they done?"

What have I done, you mean? Dann didn't speak his thought out loud, but he wondered. This was his fault, and it could have been stopped. Or could it? "It….looks like it's breaching something….going somewhere other than….here…." Dann continued to study it, growing more and more agitated as he poured over the mathematics. "It's not just teleportation to anywhere in our universe…it's like it goes into and through different dimensions, even Time itself!" His mind staggered at the possibilities. "If they can use this to go back in time, then…."

The Commander paled, turning away so that Dann couldn't see his expression. He was silent for a long time, before letting out a shaky sigh. "They must be stopped from using this at all costs. This knowledge must be taken from them and destroyed. And you, Dann, have to be the one to do it."

Dann shivered, but nodded resignedly. "I know," he whispered. He turned, taking the file, and walked out of the room. It was time to do some serious hacking.


Chapter One


"So where are you off to this time?" Troop E asked hastily, running to catch up with Dann. "You're in a hurry. I'm taller than you, and I'm having trouble keeping up with your fastwalk!"

Dann kept his head straight down, staring at the device he'd constructed. It was like a big metal glove, or something like it. In actuality, it was a computer with the ability to use the formula the NW had modified…the ability to jump through dimensions. And with it, he was tracking down everything the NW tried to change. How could he explain this when he wasn't even supposed to tell people about it?

"Top Secret?" Troop E sighed. "One of these days you're going to get killed, you know."

"This is war. People die every day. If I'm next, so be it."

Troop E raised his eyebrows in almost mock-alarm. "Wow….you usually don't sound so pessimistic! I mean….yeah you do…but not like THIS! Is it the end of the world or something?"

"Could be…" Dann sighed, closing his eyes. Where was he going anyway? He might as well do it here… "Rick….I have to go. I just want you to know that I couldn't ask for a better friend." He gripped the other Trooper's shoulder, struggling to keep his face blank. "I may never see you again."

"Oh no…." Troop E shook his head, suddenly serious. They both stopped walking. "Dann don't ever say that, okay? You're always wrong anyway. Besides, we're on duty. Don't call me Rick."

Dann tried to smile. "Wish me luck." He slipping his arm into the metal gauntlet, typed in the first destination, and stepped back.

"I'll pray for you," Troop E tried to grin. But it was hard for him.

Dann gave one last, ironic look at his surroundings, and pressed the button, Troop E's last words floating to him from seemingly far away. "The look of a hero…going to die to do what's right. But he's a moron. He'll be back…" Dann smiled faintly. He hoped so.

The ground fell away beneath him, sucking him down so fast he couldn't even breath, into complete darkness. It seemed only a second, and suddenly he was surrounded by trillions of stars, glowing brighter and brighter the closer he got to the center of the black hole. It took his breath away, being drawn into such a place as this, and tears even came to his eyes. "So this is Dropping," he whispered. It felt like all of his senses had been suddenly opened, like he could see, feel, hear, taste, and breathe in everything he'd always wanted to know. As if with one shaky breath, he was finally alive for the first time.

Then it all fell away, shooting him back upward at a pace even faster than he'd been dragged away. The feeling made his stomach drop to his knees, or at least that was what it felt like. He grabbed his mouth, afraid of throwing up or passing out, and then staggered as the stars flying past him suddenly vanished. He was falling, plummeting downward like a meteor toward an unfamiliar planet, completely encased in some kind of see-through sphere. It protected him, and yet he wondered….would it hold when he hit the ground?

"I see that my term "Dropping" isn't far from the truth," he mumbled in half-awe, half-horror. He felt his stomach lurch back up to his throat, as the sensation of freefalling faster and faster took over him. This certainly didn't bode well….

The clouds, filled with ice and snow, rushed passed him, and for a moment he was distracted by the mixture of the icy clouds and his flaming sphere passing each other. Then, with a sudden crash that shook his bones and the earth beneath him, he landed in a field of snow. It took him several minutes of coughing and groaning and forcing himself to roll over onto his back to realize that he was alive, and perfectly okay…if a little shook up. "I don't even know how that was possible, but…" he let out a faint laugh to relieve the tension in his guts. "But wow….that was….amazing….."

Freezing wind lashed against his face, and he realized instantly that he was lying in a mix between compacted ice and smoking water from where he landed, and he was cold! He stood up, anxious to get out of his crater before he got himself killed, and tramped off through the deep snow for a ways. But he was tired. He didn't make ten steps before he collapsed on his face and decided to wait till he got his second wind.

"Isn't this going to be a fun adventure?" he mocked himself pessimistically. "All alone, without any clue where I am or what I'm going to do when I find the NW. All I know is that I've got to stop them. Oh, Brilliant, Dann. Just Brilliant!" He closed his eyes, shivering, and decided to just take a little nap. He was so numb, anyway….

"Get up, you fool!" Someone practically shrieked at him. A hand grabbed the fabric of his shirt and yanked him up to his feet. "Are you trying to kill yourself!? What kind of helpless, stupid, half-wit do you think you are, anyway!?"

The yelling person, whoever it was, was definitely female. And she was definitely appalled. Dann forced himself to stay upright on his feet, all too conscious of his aching legs, numb from both the jarring crash-landing, and the freezing cold. He turned his head, trying to get a good look, and found he couldn't see very well. How…strange…

"Come on! Get back to the city!" the woman, whoever she was, half-carried half-dragged Dann through the snow to a city in the distance. "You have to be some kind of moron to go out without your furs. This is the coldest winter we've had in ages!"

Dann nodded, just about the only thing he could do. He already knew he was stupid for going into this without a plan, anyway. So instead of replying verbally, he looked up and watched as they grew closer to the gates of the woman's city. From where he was standing, they looked like silver mixed with some other strong metal, and it was beautifully and artistically crafted. Pretty much everything about the city seemed to be that way.

His rescuer, mumbling to herself about stupid people and ruining the rest of her day, pulled him through the gates and shook him roughly. "You need to wake up some more," she insisted. "Walk!"

Dann's body responded like the soldier he was, and despite his numbness and tiredness, he forced one foot before the other. Walking while wounded had become routine for him, and in this case, he wasn't even wounded, just…out of it. He reached a hand out to his rescuer, tapping the shoulder to the arm that held him. Somewhat shocked, she let go, and he walked on his own.

"Guess you're not as dead as I thought," she stated, looking suspicious. "You aren't playing me for a fool, are you?"

Dann glanced at her, once again noticing that he was having trouble seeing clearly. He blinked and shook his head a couple times to clear the blurriness. It made him dizzy, and he staggered for a moment. Used to pressing on in life-and-death situations, he found himself waking up from his shock. That's what it had to be, because under normal circumstances, he wouldn't be having this much trouble. "Maybe Dropping isn't the easiest thing in the world," he mumbled to himself ironically. Staggering again and mentally berating himself for it, he followed his rescuer through the carefully cobbled roads towards a large and beautiful stone castle.

"What was that?" she asked, leaning forward and looking at his face with concern. "I didn't understand."

Dann stared at her momentarily. "Oh," he commented dryly. "Nothing, sorry. Just mumbling to myself."

She stared, confused and suspicious, before slowing down to a stop and scrutinizing him. After a moment, she stepped back. "You….aren't speaking correctly…" she said carefully, forming her words like she was afraid how he would take them.

Dann raised an eyebrow, too tired to play this game. "Meaning what?" he demanded. "Meaning you can't understand me?"

"Um…." She frowned. "I can't understand what you're saying. You must have hit your head or something. You at least know who I am, right?"

Dann sighed, covering his aching eyes with his hand. "Perfect," he sighed. He had completely forgotten that he was on a different world entirely. And while he possessed the ability to understand what people were saying despite their language, no one here could understand him. He lowered his hand and gave her a tired look, shaking his head.

"You don't know who I am?" she persisted. He shook his head again, feeling bored and wondering how she would take it. "You're sure?" He nodded. "But you can understand me?" She frowned skeptically. "Well that's good enough for me. I'll have a healer take a look at your head. For now, get your hide into the castle. Heaven knows you practically killed yourself out there. What were you doing, anyway?"

Dann gave her a smile as cold as the snow in the air around him. "Stupidly trying to save the Universe without a clue how to do it." Then he walked past her and headed toward the castle she'd indicated. Behind him he felt the woman shiver, but it wasn't from the cold.

This one I am definitely going to continue someday. What do you think so far? I have more, but I just wanted to give a preview. Let me know what you think.