Daph/Nickname (Response to "God Says Yes to Me")

"She calls me that sometimes,"

She sometimes all me


which is Hebrew,

a nickname of my name

which means a page of a book,

which reminds me,

of the sea of knowledge

that I learn from books.

I almost forgot how often

I love that name.

It's not my actual name,

but she calls me that.

The love and tenderness

of that name .

And even though,

Shakespeare once said,

a rose by any other name,

that will smell as sweet as a rose,

it's my nickname,

my Daph,

the word that can describe me,

a sweet word,

a nickname,

no better than my name.

The one my mother gave me,

and let's me remember my childhood so fondly.

My love of books,

and how each page

of the story,

left me wanting to know more,

a companion for me

to the end.

But after it's just a nickname.