Y'know those kinda people who plan every moment of their life until something happens which changes everything? Well that WAS me...But something strange happened and made my life go wrong...I'm also that weird guy who yer see starin' at the sky on a park bench, and yer don't wanna talk to him 'cause yer think he's on drugs? Well again, that WAS me!...But something strange happened and made my life go wrong...Wanna know my name? It's Sean, and this is how it starts...

I guess it started in my room, I was writing down what I was gonna do for the day, but my mom interrupted me so I couldn't concentrate. This is what she said,


My mom is a nice person but in the morning, she ain't happy about when I'm late downstairs, so I gave my usual answer from my VERY messy bedroom,

"I'M COMIN'!" always yelled it in a loud roar, and it always stopped my mom dead in her tracks, she never knew what to say next! Well, not straight away at least, I had five minutes to finish what to do for the day, and I just about got to half nine, half an hour before I went to bed.

Once finished I forced my door open, slid out, and jumped away just before it slammed shut. Racing downstairs my mom got an answer about four minutes early which kinda changed the schedule slightly, but nothing two minutes of writing couldn't sort out! OH! The answer was,

"YOU BETTER NOT TALK IN THAT KIND OF TONE TO ME YOUNG MAN!" which YES is what she always said! But before she could say it, usually I was out the house...but this time I had to think of a snappy come back, which I hadn't done since...well ever, really! So I did what all fifteen year old kids did in my...okay what I'd do in my situation...

"I'm sorry mommy..." and I hugged her.

Sneakily at the same time, while she did her motherly thing and rubbed the top of her head under my chin – yes she is smaller than me – I slipped my shoes on and reached for my bag with my left leg.

After letting go, she flattened down her dyed blonde hair while, I pulled the bag over my shoulders and left the house after receiving a kiss on the cheek. After mom closed the door I smiled smugly for a job well done, but a slight thought occurred in mind, 'Why did she answer so soon?'

I walked around the corner, at the bottom of the street past a weird selection of trees placed beside the sidewalk. I looked at them suspiciously like always, and walked the rest of the way to Andu's house without another thought in my head.

I knocked on the blue door in my same pattern, 'Top left square four times, Bottom right square twice, and doorbell once.' Except this time, instead of Andu's mom answering after I rang the doorbell, Andu answered before I knocked on the Bottom right square...

"Hey Sean, come in I'm almost ready..." Andu has a weak Irish accent, but it's weirdly noticeable for me especially. My best friend. You would think of him as small, but he's only up to my nose. So not that short, I'm about 5' 10.

His hair was too curly for a normal human being. But Andu isn't normal. He's special! In a good way at least. But his eyes had always been rated the weirdest. You could never tell what color they would be. One day it would be green, another day brown. Another day a dark blue.

I sat down next to some of the shoes laid down ready for wearing, took out my diary, and sorted out the day differently, but I was still looking forward to our usual I.T. day which only occurred every fortnight so it would not get old, and boring.

Andu got ready faster than I had imagined. But I was still ready for school. On the way Andu asked me his usual question,

"What colour do you think the sky would be if the sea was purple..." he gazed at the sky as we moved.

"I don't think it would make much a difference, I think the sea reflects on what color the sky is, don't think it's the other way around." then I told myself in my head as Andu looked at me, 'That was a strangely intelligent answer...'

"That was a strangely intelligent answer..." Andu repeated what I had said.

"Don't I usually answer 'Pink'...?" I tripped up on an unusually large clump of grass, fortunately I twisted myself around and landed butt first on a big thistle, "AH!"

"Ooch!" Andu looked at me with an expression of pain on his face, but he was not feeling pain, I was...and if I recall, my rear end was sore for the rest of that week...

"That wasn't part of the schedule..." I resisted the urge to get up, and this lead us ten minutes behind my schedule. But all was not lost! I managed to budge myself off once my butt had become numb.

"Well if it isn't the geek patrol!"

"No...This is not what I need in a situation right now! This throws the schedule way out of balance..." I moaned to myself as the footsteps of a the worlds most annoying bully closed in on us.

"What did you do now? Loose a pencil?" he teased. Although he was by himself we dare not attack him, for he had some loyal and powerful friends, no wait...bodyguards.

We walked ahead trying to keep my walking as normal as possible, and trying our best to ignore the f-ing bully.

Passing over the short bridge and onto the school grounds the bully stopped teasing and hung around with his 'FRIENDS.' Big emphasis on the 'friends,' and he luckily left us alone.

I like our school, it's one of the few school in England who don't allow uniform, but there is the occasional rebellion from some students for no reason. But most of the school behaves in a sensible manner, or from what the teachers can see. I used to be one of those students who misbehaved, and I mean BADLY I used to be the badest of the bad! And I used to hang around with that jerk bully. But I got sick of all the detentions and suspensions I was having, so I began planning out my daily routine, until it got me friends with a wider group. But only six or seven more people than the bully group. But still even now I'm glad I'm out of that god forsaken group of bullies.

I've only been back at school for a week, and I still cant get used to it! It's not the waking up early in the morning to get there. It's not the boring different lessons. It's not the new teachers that got hired over the summer. The schools been kinda rebuilt so it looks like a college now, THAT is what I couldn't and still cant get used to!

Two floors. Enter the main entrance and you have one door, then another door. Then a semi-circle of teachers to check for I-Pods and other banned equipment. Look straight up and you can see one of those indoor balconies. I think that they shape a kind of 9 if you look at it in the right position. Lower your head and look straight, you can see a long set of tables. Then outside to a small version of an amphitheatre.

Andu laughed at me and said that I was the only person in school who got there then threw up all over a computer, after only typing in the username. And also on the first day. Luckily I didn't get into trouble because I'm not one of the few people who can force vomit.

We entered the school and straight away the bell went. This was REALLY weird, I thought to myself. But we headed to our Geography class like usual. We headed to the B block. Then to a classroom. But I cant remember which one.

Today was our usual I.T. day but we had to be in our usual classroom to get the register marked. Our classroom wasn't great. The head teacher didn't allow posters on the walls of Earth. There wasn't really anything else in the room. Apart from a few filing cabinets and the interactive whiteboard. Then to the right of that was a desk and a computer. Our desks were set like a usual classroom, we had probably 14 two seater desks. Two people sat on them. I sat two behind Andu.

Mrs. Evans entered the room still brushing her short brown hair. "Sorry I'm late!" After our teacher marked the register she declared, "All right it's time for a surprise test!" and she handed out tests for each one of us.

"What?!" I yelled standing up from my desk slamming my hands on the table. Because of this Megan flinched at my anger.

"Is there a problem, Mr. Dog?" she turned around and faced me with tests in hand.

"Th-There...There was no test planned for today!" I stuttered showing little confidence.

"Sean? What the hell are you doing? Sit down before you get a..." Andu whispered beginning.

"DETENTION!" Mrs. Evans ended. She was a strict teacher.

My day wasn't going well...I thought at the time I was gonna have a mental breakdown. For years I'd relied on my schedule for EVERYTHING that happened in my life. But now, my life had been turned upside-backwards. Or so I thought...b-but yeah, it did kind of go upside-backwards...even now.

At lunch I wondered my way round the ever growing crowd and off to detention. Still was shocked about...one, two, three, four, FIVE things went wrong today. Really I couldn't care less about detention.

Mr. Shield was working in detention today. 'OH JOY!' I thought once seeing him, and that evil bully guy. The rest of the class scared me. Seeing as though they were all big. Stepping in I was strangely welcomed by the teacher. The evil bully guy also greeted my kindly as I sat down. Still I thought this was odd...This was the weirdest detention I had ever had...And again it wasn't going well in my schedule.

"Only homework as always Sean! Remind me when was the last time you came in here?" Mr. Shield asked curiously with a smile looming over his face.

"The last time I visited the school psychiatrist..." I shrank into my seat, "About two or three years ago..."

The entire class laughed, and began teasing me about visiting a psychiatrist. Except oddly enough the evil bully guy.

"You do know my names Johnny!" he laughed silently and watched as Mr. Shield looked up from his book.

Throughout the entire detention all me and Johnny did was share tails about how we got to our position, and laughed...A LOT! But we never got caught by Mr. Shield, and slowly completed the work set.

It was weird how Johnny had changed so much. Well, from about three hours. He had become so strangely kind. While we were doing our work for a bit, I could notice that he was starting to get blonde hair, through his brown.

"What'cha looking at?" he smiled. His eye pupils were starting to go foggy.

After we left Andu was waiting outside the room. He was still worried about what it was like in detention, and all I had to say was,

"It was all right..." we stepped down the hallway waiting for the bell to go, but it refused to ring.

"Did you get hit hard in the head or something?!" Andu knocked my head with his knuckle.

A strange bell rang today, not the usual one, more like that weird kind of ringing off...I cant remember what it's from, but I know it's from some sort of video game!

The halls emptied in a flash, along with Andu. He just said that he needed to go to lesson, but I still didn't know what lesson I had. So I checked my newly acquired planner. Before I knew it I had already walked to the middle of the ground floor, and tripped over a chair.

"...I guess I should really get going..." I sat up like I always would, while saying that a strange blinding light came from above. Looking up I asked putting the paper before myself, "What the heck's that?"

For some reason I felt myself being separated into tiny fragments then being transported into the light. Next thing I knew I was in a Laboratory with someone staring down at me. I jumped a mile (figure of speech) and she stood up straight.

It was weird really, I felt a tingling sensation in my groin, she was HOT! With a capital H! But I didn't know how to express it at the time, and to be honest, it kinda showed.

"Hey Sean!" she smiled with both her eyes tightly closed.

"H-H-H-H-Hi...D-D-D-Do...Do I know you?" I stammered.

"Nope! But I know you though!" she tapped me on the nose.

I slowly staggered upright and attempted to make my move on her, it didn't work as planned.

"I have a boyfriend!" she pulled up her right index finger with her head facing a computer keyboard, and her left hand typing on it. Her right followed back to join it. She swung around, "My name's Kiyoko! I'm a Guardian!"

"A Guardian? Are you here to protect me?" I wondered and she extended her neck towards me.

"No, silly!" she tapped my nose again, "I was sent here to look after you!" she paused for a bit "All right, yeah! I have been protecting you! Only for a few years though! And a Guardian doesn't mean that I protect you! It just means that I'm a Swordsman!...Woman!" she folded her arms like she was pissed off at me.

"Why are you mad at me? Where am I?...Why have you even been sent to protect me anyway?!" my questions poured out of my mouth uncontrollably.

I looked around the small laboratory. Behind me was the transporter where I came out of. It had a continuous series of rings coming out of the bottom of it. In the middle of the room was a table the size of a snooker table which has all sorts of different computer equipment on it. All difficult to understand. On the right wall was something that looked like a slot machine. But it was bleeping constantly and would be very irritating after a while. Behind the slot machine was a door. Didn't know where it lead to. Much like the other door at the end of the room. But there was a small light coming from under the door. On the left wall was a map of some strange world, and a bed.

"Not mad at you! On another world! And because you ordered me! But I'm not sure you would remember!" Kiyoko looked at me and wondered if I was all right. I wasn't I lost the plot as soon as she mentioned I was on another planet.

"Wha-What planet am I on?" I gurgled.

"Grella! Not your own! I can tell you that!" she smiled again with both her eyes tightly shut.

While she had her eyes closed I attained my focus again and examined her. She appeared to be Japanese, judging by the name Kiyoko, and her face bone structure. Her hair was a dark blue color for some reason, and the tips of it appeared to be dyed a deep brown. I realized before that she had one purple eye, and one red with a little orange scar across it. She was wearing a long T-Shirt which highlighted her boobs, and a pair of jeans draped below a skirt. Shoes where slightly hidden but they were noticed as dark orange sandles. She had a look as though she had originated from a desert.

"Why am I here?" mine and her face darkened when the question escaped into the air.

An uneasy silence stayed in the air for what seemed like an eternity, until Kiyoko answered,

"I need help..."

"What with?" I returned her answer with another question.

She observed me, "No...it doesn't matter, you...you just don't look prepared...I can take you back to Earth if you want me to..." she swivelled with her heel and observed the monitor observing Earth. "Oh no..."

"What?" I slowly walked over to where Kiyoko was standing.

"N-N-N-N..." she stuttered still staring at the orange screen.

"N...N what?" I asked attempting to look at the screen, but Kiyoko kept blocking my view.

"Niht..." she finished the conversation between us until I asked.

"How long have I been gone?"

"NOT THAT KIND OF NIGHT!" she swivelled and yelled at me, "The kind of Niht which is evil! It sweeps over nations and attacks the land, causing them to fall! Men, women and children are rendered helpless against the monster of Niht! Them being turned into Spirits don't really help either!" Kiyoko went on.

"You've gotta take me back!" I stepped over to the screen and examined the monitor to see that it was dark, blurry, and most of all monster haven...It wasn't the best thing to see. "Is this happening all over the world?"

She typed a bit, "No, just in Southwell." she typed some more, "But if you don't hurry it'll spread quickly!" she swivelled AGAIN.

"ALL RIGHT!" I ran to the transporter, "Take me back!"

"I cant! If you go back there's a risk of you turning into a spirit!" Kiyoko stopped me by tapping me on the nose.

"Then what?" I turned to her in distress, waving my arms.

"If you're that desperate to return! Then there's probably a chance that you wont...Just be careful! But..." she stopped and looked at her feet.

"But what?" I looked at her.

"If you want to return your town back from Niht, you'll have to re-assemble the 'Spirits of the Heavens'..."

"How would I do that?" I straightened up.

"Well, you can't be a spirit...But secondly, you have to visit your schools amphitheatre, there the Spirit of Water will bless you...or so the legend goes..." Kiyoko pushed me into the transporter and I had that dizzy feeling of me being separated into tiny fragments and again being transported to a light.