Y'know the kinda guy who thinks that everything is perfect once somethings been done but he's really in the 'Eye of the Storm'? Well that's me! I've collected the first Niht Shard, and a special weapon for Anni. Wanna know my name? Well...MY NAME IS SEAN!

"WHAT DID YOU DO?!" the entire building began shaking. We were worried about an earthquake. We were hundreds of feet underground, we didn't really want all that earth falling on us.

"I'M NOT SURE!" a flare of light energy flew from the ground. But more powerful than the Light Flare.

I felt drained of energy. Not as much as Angel Blast, but still quite a bit. I dropped to my knees, and let go of the UnEarthly Angel. Anni noticed and asked me what was wrong.

'I just feel drained of energy. The Angel Flare was a good move, but not so good...'

'Can I help in anyway?' Anni worried.

'Just see if the monster is gone...' I just managed to get this sentence out. I was feeling greatly drained.

I could hear Anni running behind me to the monster, "BUBBLE ROCKET!" a heard bubbles fall around the monster and a crash. 'It's gone.'

'Good...' I coughed before falling.

'Sean?" I could hear Rusty yelling mentally and the other one.

"Sean are you okay?" I could hear Johnny yelling at me to wake up.

"Everything is okay now! You can wake up! We got the map!" Anni yelled as I slowly rose.

"Ow..." I held my head, "I guess I wont be using many Angel tekniks for a while..." I lifted myself up further. "ARGH!" I fell back again.

"You ... u. qu..e a s.are!" I could only hear Anni's every other word.

"What?" I asked her as everything returned to hazy.

"... ... .. ... . ...!" this time I heard nothing.

'I can't hear!!' I blurted out to everyone.

'What?!' they all yelled back.

'WHY?!' Rusty yelled again, expecting me to be deaf inside my head.

I reached for my ear lobe, and pushed my little finger inside. The hole in my ear had swollen. No sound could enter it.

"The inside of my ear has swollen up..." I couldn't hear myself talk, so this is what I got back. Seeing everyone laugh and point.

'What?' I asked sourly.

'Don't speak with your mouth! If you cant hear yourself, then your speaking doesn't come out very well!' Anni made up a very scientifical sentence.

I stood upright ignoring the throbbing back pain, and looked towards the door at the end of the dome.

'How do you propose we get out?' I asked to the group.

Riko lifted me up by the hips as I stood straight imagining me flying.

'Like this!' I expected another nozzle like the one encountered in the previous dungeon. But this one looked more like a water wheel.

'Can you do anything about this Anni?' I asked her after explaining the situation with the water wheel.

'BUBBLE ROCKET!' she shot a boat load of bubbles at the water wheel.

The wheel started slowly turning, then faster, and faster. Until it was moving so quick that it was a blur. At this point, the door opened and a hallway of monsters awaited us.

Everyone looked at me.

'If someone can carry me...' at this point Riko picked me up. 'Alright then we're set!'

"ANGEL FLARE!!" I swirled the UnEarthly Angel above my head, this started a swivel of light magik to appear in it's place. I threw my arm forwards, and with that the light magik. The monster disappeared in a puff of smoke, along with my energy. I draped backwards.

'This is uncomfortable...' I grumbled while being bounced up and down by the never-ending trail on Riko's back.

'Just hold on! We're almost there...' I could see Anni looking down at the map. Riko jumped over a rock, along with the rest of the group. All but Anni, she tripped.

I gathered enough strength to lift my arm and grab her hand. I think I saved her that day from a bump on the old noggin! But let's continue...

Anni continued stumbling as I held her by the wrist. She let go and balanced herself upright. I was happy to see her back to normal, and not fallen over. We suddenly stopped.

'What's going on?' I asked Riko.

'A big doorway...'

'Looks like the Mercury's Music will fit into it.' Anni stepped ahead of us and most likely jammed her flute into the lock. We ran ahead again, this time into a dark room.

'Holy shit...' Rusty mumbled to me telepathically.

'Can you do any Angel moves Sean?' Riko asked me as we edged away to the door.

I felt part of my strength returning, but only enough to turn around on Riko's back to see what was there.

'SHI-T!' I swore aloud as my mouth dropped.

'Well?' Riko asked me with little happy emotion.

'Throw me up...' he did. "ANGEL!!" I could feel my hearing slowly returning. "BLAST!" this maneuver was difficult for me and Riko. I had to complete the task correctly, without any miss. And Riko had to catch me correctly without any miss. If either one of us failed, my physical person wouldn't look so good afterwards.

".r. y.u. a..i.g.. S.a.?" my hearing begun coming back, and I had to shout it to the heavens!

"MY HEARING'S COMING BACK!" I screamed while jumping off Riko, magically my strength returned and I was able to move once more!

"S.a. b. CAREFUL!" Rusty screamed as the monster loomed behind me.

"LIGHT BLAST!" I had to be careful what move I were to use. WHY AM I RHYMING IN SUCH PERFECT TIMING?! ...GAH?! I'm a poet and I didn't even comprehend it!! XD

Now to continue...

As usual the monster would fall to the ground make a crackling noise then com bust. But this wasn't an 'As usual' moment...This was something completely different. Alright maybe the opposite...

The skeletoric monster stood tall and proud like we had just fed it. This one liked light energy. And for some reason I already had a plan in motion.

"ANNI!" I yelled to her.

'What?' she called back in my head.

'Use a Mercury move!'

'Which one?' she wasn't helping.

I paused for a bit. 'Try 'Bubble droplets!'

'Is that the best you can think of?' Johnny was beginning to become sarcastic, and kind of mean.

'Yes it is Mr. Meanie!' the best sentence I could think of!

"BUBBLE!" Anni jumped over to Riko, jumped on him, Riko flung her into the air, and she landed on the creature. "DROPLETS!"

'That was pretty cool...'

"SOMEBODY PLEASE CATCH ME!!" Anni fell with her bubbles.

The bubbles fell from the ceiling, explosives were lined within the bubble. Upon landing on the monster and around us, they exploded and slowly took apart the monster, bone by bone. That sounded pretty cool...

A box lifted much like before. The Niht shard map floated to the box and shot through the box. The box shrunk until it was flat. The next Niht shard. It descended until it was the same height as the UnEarthly Angel. It shrunk and plopped itself into the weapon. The small wings grew further.

"This is getting weird...Although it may mean something..." I was troubled by this only ever so slightly.

"LIGHT FLARE!" I through the UnEarthly Angel to the ceiling and we disappeared.

We ended up in the school.

"Shit Sean, you teleported us in school." Rusty grumbled as we noticed we were standing on cafeteria tables, while it was lunch. "During lunchtime, on a table."

"In my food!" Andu was fuming.

"SORRY ANDU!" I stepped out the way.

"Sorry for what? Becoming friends with Johnny? Or standing in my food?!" Andu was pointlessly annoyed.

"WHAT?!" I sat down in front of him. "You're mad at me for becoming friends with Johnny?! Well at least I now I know there's a reason! Before I thought you were getting mad at me for becoming a Niht Guardian!" 'Which that is a reason as well...'

'Try making sense Sean!' Rusty yelled at me as she jumped down from the table.

'SHUDDUP!' I yelled back.

"YOUR JUST BEING A JERK!" Andu shoved himself upright.

"ME?! You're the one who's getting mad at me for becoming friends with someone that I was friends with before you! Besides! Johnny's changed! A lot! He's not the bully he used to be! He's just a lil sarcastic because of the bad situations we have!"

"Like what? Was it as bad as being attacked by Niht monsters!" Andu stood at eye level to me, until I stood up. Then I ended up looking down on him.

"Being a Niht Guardian is the most hardest thing possible!"

"AND I AM SO SICK OF YOUR ACCENT!" Andu tried to fling a punch at me, but I caught it.

"I'm not fighting you..." I tried to keep my temper inside. It worked, but I was speaking lightly.

"Should I care if you're mad?" he pulled his hand away.

'Sean! Riko's gone!' Rusty yelled at me.

'WHAT?!" I screamed out in Andu's ear.

"Ow..." he rubbed his ear. Then walked off.

'Where did he go?' I slammed my feet on the ground as people slowly backed away.

"He's speaking in his head..." I heard a year 7 mumbled as they stepped away.

"He sounds mad...Something bad must've happened..." another year 7 who was standing next to the first one entered the conversation.

'RIKO! Are you there?' I screamed out.

Nothing came. 'JESUS!!' I yelled out to the entire group, and still no answer from Riko.

'Sean...Somethings happening over the school...' Rusty had now gotten to the other end of the park, judging by the way she was talking.

"What?" I looked up, "Jesus Christ..." a dark portal was slowly appearing. The rest of the cafeteria. "Everybody!" I yelled while still looking up. "Go into another block...Niht monsters are coming...Hide! And make sure not to go outside...Tell the teachers in the other areas and the teachers lounge.

People began running screaming.

"QUIETLY!" I yelled back at them, they began to walk slowly.

Once I made sure that the students and faculty had hid well, I withdrew the UnEarthly Angel which had strangely reformed in it's holster on my back. Monsters then fell from the portal. These were not normal Niht monsters, these ones flew. This was disturbing.

"OCEANIC ARROW!" and arrow fired from a random direction an struck one of the monsters.

I looked from the direction of where the arrow came from. All that was there was a ninja dressed in navy.

"Sean! Niht warrior! Is that you?" he asked me, a posh accent shrouded his voice.

"Yeah! Who are you?" I asked him while trying to attack one of the stunned monsters.

He jumped down, "I am the Ocean Ninja. Unlike you, I carry a weapon of Niht. From an opposite Spirit."

"What's an opposite Spirit?" I asked him completely ignoring the monsters.

"A spirit like the ones we have here, but in Opposite Earth. I was sent there by the spirit of the Ocean to find you. I was given the Neptune's Quiver. And an ordinary bow."

"My weapons from the Spirit of the Heavens..."

"I know, I know almost everything about you and the Niht Guardian's from the opposite Spirit. The Spirit of the Heavens interacts with the Spirits of Opposite Southwell."

The monsters unfroze. I turned and froze with horror, they had turned a dark red. They looked stronger as well.

"What do I do? You seem to know more than me!" I was in a great state of panic by now.

"Use the Light Blast!" he fired another arrow.

"But that renders me helpless!"

"You have two Niht Shards now! Use them!" he jumped off.

'I cant use my Niht Shards! I'll loose them!...Oh wait...They must give me more power...' I thought for a bit longer while the monsters unfroze. 'ALRIGHTY THEN!' "ANGEL!" I jumped to the indoor balcony, push off and waited for the pole to disappear and be left with the mini wings.

They appeared, so I flung them forward as I fell slightly. The wings floated to the middle of the monster trio. Before I hit the ground the wings appeared on my back. So I flew back into place and held my position.

"BLAST!" I used the energy gathered to strike the monsters.