As complex as an Aztec maze

My mind is starting to unravel

Mysterious, things unseen

I might not feel so natural

Break these chains that hold me down

They keep me bound and gagged

I'll wake up, but I'll still be alone

Singing this sad, sad song

Who wants to wake up, who wants to lose it

Who wants anything to do with this place?

Well...I'd say I do

As long as you're here to sing with me

Bring a blanket and pillow

We'll sleep beneath the stars tonight

A crescent moon, it shines in half

Let's make the other piece now

When I wake up, I feel alone

All I want to do do

Is wake up with you by my side

I'm alone, gasp in tears

Clutch a pillow for comfort

Middle of the night, dead of silence

But it's only you coming home