I met this girl today

In fact I met her twice

She told me stories

I'd think I knew her life

My heart keeps beating

Every word she speaks

I want to be closer to her

Without being a freak

My mind is contemplating

All these plans of deception

How can I get her to love me?

When she's in a relationship

There's a wall between us

One I can't break down

Fists and words aren't enough

To send it tumbling to the ground

I try to play the cool guy, all mellow

Is he really worth it, what haven't I got?

Think of what we could, the time we'd spend

But then again what haven't you already done?

I want to be that one guy

To steal what's left of you

A heart like a broken mirror

Let me fix the pieces

One day I'll break that spell

That I know he holds over you

It may be true love, may be

But I think I need you too