Wind Chimes

Ting! Ting! Ting!
They sing a tinkling whisper of a song-
swaying to the rhythm
of their own soft music.

Sparkling in the dimming twilight,
they chase back the ghosts of yesterday
into the falling orange sky

An angel flutters through them;
her smile bounces from each silver droplet
Tapping gently on them
whispering the heartache that needs to bellow…

The whispers echo in tings!
and tangs! as they tilt
on the porch in late August.
Those chilling sounds will follow you
into your dreams that night

Look at the exquisite body of
wood and metal.
They are of more flesh and bone
then you or I ever will be.
They all sway in the crimson light of dusk.
Swaying to their music-
swaying into the night.

Your heartbeat collides with the ting and tang,
and you never heard something so beautiful
as the last summer breeze
passes you by.