a world where there are no Senses

no Sight, no Sound, no Smell, Simply Nothing

but at the same time Everything


being in a Cave

the Shadows so dark you can no longer See

the Stench so putrid you can no longer Smell

the Sounds so loud you can no longer distinguish Sound


a person who in their entire life

could not See

could not Smell

could not distinguish Sound

a person whose whole life has been in the Cave

now Imagine

Imagine what he has gone through

Imagine what he is going through

he cannot See but he Knows that a Blur of a figure

Exists on the floor before him

he cannot Smell but he Knows that a putrid stench

Exists on the floor beneath him

he cannot distinguish Sound but he Knows that a monotonous drip

Exists in the space blanketing him


that what he knows is true

that what HE IMAGINES Does Exist

what Does Exist is a Mangled Body

Broken, Torn, and Burnt

a Body lying Near Dead on a stretcher


Lifeless, but Not Dead

simply a Blur of himself

Fading more and more

each and every day

until he is gone

no longer a Blur

simply gone