Hey folks. For this one I simply fixed up a couple lines I thought could be better. This one's about Having to overcome your most terrifying adversary: Yourself, and the things you've been through. Sometimes it's impossible, but it's better to try and die in the flames of inner war than forever be trapped inside your own cowardly soul. This is about the fight I haven't won, the war against your past. I've lost, but you can still triumph, so don't fucking give up.

And tell me what you think of the song.

To Overcome Thyself

It's not too hard to silence, the screams inside my head!
But the need for contradiction overwhelms...
Things I was in love with are now killing me instead!
I can't keep the silence to myself!

I hate to understand what you will never comprehend!
I hate to finally understand myself.

My attempts at resistance are not leaving me with much!
My eyes have stared directly into hell.
These broken legs have wandered way too far without a crutch!
My soul was never worth enough to sell.

I hate to pretend to be what I don't understand.
How can I pretend to trust myself?!

So leave me to die in the inferno of my soul!
Please enjoy this inner suicide!
I know it's hard to see, but I'm completely in control!
I won't be sedated by their lies!
You can't stop the lightning when the thunder starts to roll!
But tou can save me if you look into my eyes...

The truth is never worth all the suffering it brings,
But I've become impartial to the pain...
The inflamatory burning is now nothing but a sting!
In my shock I am assured that I am sane.

Everything is finally worth the strain.