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Who Wants to Date Kaitlin Jamieson?

Chapter One: Embarrassment to the Highest Degree

"What the hell is this?"

Kaitlin Jameison said this statement in a distinct tone of disbelief and anger as she eyed each of her three best friend's wide grins in turn. In her hand was a lively pink-colored piece of paper, held so tightly in her grasp that her knuckles were turning white. "Please tell me this is a joke."

"Joke," Patricia Keyes repeated, quite solemnly, although there was a distinct gleam in her eyes. "Kaitlin, would we really go through all of this to play a prank on you?"

Kaitlin breathed an angry sigh. The bright June day was a direct contrast to the bubbling thunderstorm she felt within her, she realized. There were only a few more weeks till Senior Graduation, only a few more weeks till she got out of this Petri dish of immature Neandtrathals, as she'd often proclaimed, and she'd hoped to pass it without incident. But nooo, her friends just had to decide otherwise. Slowly her expression turned pointed. "You three are in so much trouble."

"Trouble?" Patricia said, her bright blue eyes sparkling innocently. You would have mistaken her for the perfect picture of an angel had it not been for the wide, devilish grin on her face. "What are you talking about, Kaitlin?"

"This!" And Kaitlin furiously threw a piece of pink-colored paper at them. She was vaguely aware that she was causing a scene, and that probably everyone in the courtyard had been staring at her since she walked, no, correction, stormed in here, but she didn't care as of the moment.

Her friends were going to pay for this.

David Gregory briefly scanned the contents of the colorful flier, and then calmly looked back up at a fuming Hailey. "I don't see the problem here, Kate." He said very plainly. "No problem at all."

"You don't see the problem?" Kaitlin almost yelled. "The problem, David, is that you three, my so called 'wonderful friends' made fliers offering any male in our school between the ages of 17 to 19 the chance to date me! That is the problem!"

"Oh, that problem," Brian Suthers drawled out, grinning as he lazily leaned against the tree trunk. He paused to share said grin with his friends. "Well, the thing is, Kaitlin, we three don't view it as a problem. On the contrary, it's more of an….unasked help from your friends."

"You three are completely insane, completely, utterly, irrevocably insane," Kaitlin declared flatly, glaring at them. "And if you three don't disappear within my line of sight in the next five seconds, then I guarantee that I cannot be responsible for my actions."

"What, are you going to kill us?" Brian scoffed, grinning that grin of his when he found something amusing. "I'd like to see you try. At least we were able to do something before we say goodbye to life and hello to maggots and worms."

"But one question, though," Kaitlin sighed. "Why would you do this?"

"Because, Kaitlin," Patricia sighed tiredly. "You are in your senior year in High School, and the closest you've gotten to any male action was that time in the closet with Brent Carlton during Seven Minutes in Heaven….on my 12th Birthday Party. You're seventeen, for god's sake; you need to learn how to live a little!"

"What are you talking about?" Kaitlin said, looking quite affronted. "I live just fine, thank you very much."

"Kate, you are an Honor Student. You've won the Seattle Junior Pianists Award three years in a row. Your current read is Business and Finance for the Modern Age, when most girls your age already find it tiring to read their textbooks. You've been taking up ballet since you were six." Brian listed out. "And you're part of the school paper and the student government, and the Homecoming Court." He paused, looking unsure of how to continue.

"It just…it strikes us that maybe you've been focusing on achieving too much to make time for normal teenage activities." Patricia said blankly.

"Such as?" Kaitlin stared at them blankly, anger momentarily forgotten.

Patricia sighed in exasperation. "You know, going to the mall to shop, getting your nails and hair done, getting a boyfriend….."

"Please, Patricia," Kaitlin rolled her eyes. "Those things are only trivial activities associated with living a complacent life. I'm not complacent. I want perfection, I want it all, and doing such activities will only hinder me from it." She gave them one more glare. "So I'd appreciate it if you took off those fliers now."

Kaitlin suddenly felt a warm body against hers and a pair of arms snake around her waist. She stiffened instantly. "I saw your ad. Looking for a boyfriend, huh?" a cool, undeniably male voice whispered in her ear, his breath tickling her skin. "Well, baby, this is your lucky day. It just so happens that I'm interested."

"Well I'm not," Kaitlin broke away from his hold and turned to give a deep glare to the smirking Nathan Gallagher in front of her.

"Why? Already got a better offer?" That infuriating smirk again.

"No," She said shortly. "Let's get something straight here, Nathan. I don't date because I don't have the time, because I have more important things to do. But you, on the other hand, don't date because you, simply don't date. You screw. And I for one am not interested in that kind of no-strings attached relationship."

"I'm wounded that you think so lowly of me, Kaitlin, honey, I really am," Nathan replied, tone not changing. "Especially since I've already seen you out of those clothes before."

Patricia gasped audibly, while Brian and David sprang to their feet. "Nathan, dude, what are you talking about?" David asked, somewhat dangerously. Kaitlin smiled a bit at their overprotective attitude. Being an only child, Brian and David were somewhat like older brothers to her…older, yet more immature brothers.

Nathan had a very secret, very mysterious smile on his face, the bastard. "It's for me to know and you to find out," He said very mysteriously. He flicked a glance at Kaitlin. "Seems like your little Miss Innocent isn't quite that innocent after all."

"Be thankful, Nathan, that I have a very strong hold on my temper otherwise you will find a body part that you dearly cherish suddenly gone," Kaitlin said, glaring daggers at him.

Nathan merely shrugged. "Suit yourself with the threats, Kate. But know this: You won't get away from me that easily. Especially not now." He walked away from the group, then suddenly paused and yelled, "Oh yeah, I forgot. See you at home, Kaitlin!"

Red-faced from the encounter, Kaitlin turned to face the quizzical looks on her friends' faces. "Care to explain, Kate?" Brian said in a low voice.

"Fine! Look, Nathan Gallagher is a Class-A Jerk, I just want to make that clear. His statement awhile ago…he saw me wearing only a towel once, that's it, I swear!" Kaitlin explained.

"So why did he say, 'See you at home'?" Patricia's gaze was suspicious.

"Fine," Kaitlin said, sighing in resignation. There was no point hiding it anymore; hiding it for a whole weekend was hard enough, and with summer coming up, it would be darn near impossible to hide.

"Remember how my parents have to go on a year-round, world-wide Diplomatic Conference Tour? Well, since I don't have any close relatives in the area, and they don't want me spending summer break in the house alone, they're making me stay with a friend's family."


"So…for the next few months, Nathan Gallagher and I will be living together."