Don't leave home.

Verse 1:

If my life reduces slowly

I would spend until the last sigh for you

when I closed my eyes

I wanna be enveloped by your warm arms

an eternal dream with you.


There aren't things so memorable

as those which we lose..


Don't leave home

don't leave home

please, don't leave me

don't leave...

adiós, sayonara

до свидания, adeus,

auf wiedersehen, au revoir

thousand ways to say good bye

amor, ai, любовь, liebe, amour

Verse 2:

If I had three wishes

what can I ask for your stay?

Pre-chorus: ...


Don't know why I'm breaking the photos

don't know why I'm throwing the gifts

don't know why I don't answer the letters

if at the end of it all, I can't get you off my mind.

Chorus: ...

Saying I love you is not hard

'cause to lie is so easy.

Don't leave...