"I want to be bright."

Her pale finger traced the twinkling stars in the night sky, a cosmic mix of the stars' creamy light weaved through midnight blue.

"I want to be brighter than any star in Heaven."

Chapter One

I'm With the Band


He brushed a hand through his shaggy black bangs and looked over his shoulder. She was half-turned in her chair at the dressing table, bright light bulbs all around the mirror because she thought it was hilarious and "classic". Her bright green-blue eyes were watery, reminding him even more of the ocean than usual. Her right hand was knotted in her hair, trying to hold it up.

"Yeah?" He asked, even though he knew the problem.

"I can't get the style right!" She pouted, turning her face from just amazingly adorable to irresistibility adorable.

He grinned to himself and walked over to her. The magazine she was trying to copy the style from was open on the table and he grinned even more. A few twists of her blonde, blonde locks and some hairpins, and it was a perfect match.

She grinned into the mirror, delighted by the new turn of events, and jumped out of her director-styled chair with her name in large white letters on the back. Another product of her need to have hilarious and "classic" things in her dressing room. Well, their dressing room.

With a quick spin on her toes, a product of two years of ballet when she was younger, she grinned again, caught herself from falling (since the ballet really hadn't taught her grace at all), and hugged him tightly. "Oh, Matt! You're the absolute best!"

He patted the top of her head, which came only to his chest, and grinned down at her. "Only the best for our little Chou."

She sighed hugely and looked up at him, pulling back a little. "Honest, Matt, why won't you just let me have your babies?" She said with a teasing voice.

He shook his head like a parent with a grin on his face, looking up at the skies above. "Lord, why me?"

She swatted at him with a spuriously hurt attitude and a grin, then turned on her heel to return to her little director's chair. "Where're Adam and Mark?" she asked, dusting on some foundation in the mirror. She leaned forward to be as close as possible to get all the little imperfections.

"They went to go get some water from the little convenience store," he said, now running his hand through the back of his hair, which laid against his head and trailed off to about chin-length.

"Alright! I look absolutely hot!"

He looked over his shoulder again to see her striking a pose with her hands on her hips and a wicked grin on her face. Her whole outfit was primarily a matching set of robin's egg blue and candy pink. A few locks of her hair were pulled back on the left side with two hairclips with an outline of a butterfly on the end, one in the blue and one in the pink. She had on a pink wife beater over a blue spaghetti-strap tank top. She wore light blue skinny jeans and pink low-rise chucks. Four bracelets were slammed on her left wrist, two of the pink and two of the blue. Around her neck was her signature necklace. A candy pink butterfly's outline on a delicate silver cord.

He looked down at his plain old jeans and an old band tee. She really went all out for these things.

She turned around and looked behind her with one fist on her hip. Her other arm dangled at her side. "Yeah. Absolutely hot," she said with a white grin in his direction. She clapped her hands like an excited child. "The guys are going to go wild."

He rose a dark eyebrow, his arms instinctively crossed across his chest like a parent about to scold his child. "Oh?"

She caught his tone and smiled up at him, raising her shoulders and putting her hands together in front of her. The picture of innocence. "Not that I would care about that or anything," she said in a child's sweet voice.

The door opened to reveal two boys. One with a slight build and dark, dark hair and the other with a build almost as slight and brown hair streaked with blond.

"Adam! Mark!" she cried excitedly and ran to them.

"Aislinn… You're so…"

"Cotton candy-looking," the one with blond streaks finished. He had a large pack of bottled water on one hip, held by his arm.

"Aren't I just delicious?" she replied back with a wink and a grin. She reached out and took the package from him, setting it on her director's chair.

Mark, the one with streaks, came fully into the room, making sure Aislinn could carry the package. He was a tall boy, with a face girls about killed for. His dark hair framed his face and his blue eyes were like ice, light and intense. He had on a clinging black tee and slim jeans. Around his neck was a simple black leather choker, a big sliver ring in the middle.

Adam also came in, shutting the door behind him. He was small and lanky, with short black hair and a cowlick that made him look childish. His chocolate eyes were round and big, taking in everything around him. He wore a band tee with jeans. "We're almost on," he said, pulling a bottle of water out of the package and handing it to Aislinn.

She took it with a grin and walked over and stood next to Matt. He watched as she stared at her bottle, twisting and untwisting the plastic lid. A nervous habit of hers.

He put a large hand over both hers. "Calm down," he said with a gentle look in his eyes.

She looked up at him, her green-blue eyes afraid. "They're gonna like us, right?"

He chuckled a little and then grinned at her. "Of course. You're absolutely hot, remember?"

Her grin was revived and her spirits pumped. "O'course!" She put a jokingly haughty hand on her hip. "They just can't resist me," she said with a sigh of exasperation.

He patted her head gently, looking in front of him with a grin. She looked over and up at him, smiling and taking his hand in hers. "We're gonna kick some serious ass, right?" she asked, looking in front of her as well and leaning into him, forcing his arm to be around her shoulders.

"We always do," he replied without moving his head.


"Good luck," one of the five people coming into the stage sidelines said quickly with a grin and a wave.

"Thanks," Adam answered back with a slight smile. He really was a shy boy.

Aislinn walked onto the stage and it overcame her again, filling her whole body. That feeling that she lived for. Hundreds of people shouted in the crowds, moshing and screaming and moving around energetically.

She took the mike and a grin erupted from her lips, her bright eyes scanning the crowds. "Hello, Jasper Heights!" she shouted and punched the air, her eyes closed tightly in excitement.

The screaming increased and she was in performer mode.

"We are Alizée's Kisses and we're going to kick some ass!"

The screaming grew even louder and the movement sped up. Matt began the hard beginning notes of a song on his guitar.

That familiar feeling began in her, the feeling of having the music be her only lifeline to reality. She held the mike with a hand and opened her mouth.

The words she had written and practiced and loved came out of her throat, desperate for everyone to hear. They had to hear.

The drums crashed in the background and the guitar riffed.

She felt almost breathless, like the music was sucking the air right out of her.

But it seemed like no time before the song was over and she took in a ragged breath. The crowd was screaming, screaming, screaming. She grinned widely. "Yo! We are Alizée's Kisses! My name is Aislinn and I provide the smexidaldoa vocals!" She laughed carefreely. "To your left would be the awesome and incredibly hot guitarist known as Matt! And to the right would be the drop-dead sexy bassist, Mark!" Aislinn laughed a little as girlish screams carried through the arena. "And the adorably, absolutely to-die-for drummer would be our very own Adam! Give it up for the sexy men!"

The screaming continued. There came a "Have my babies, Aislinn!" and she laughed carefreely.

She brought the mike back to her mouth. "So, we gave y'all an ass-kicking song, so we're going to slow it down just a bit for ya!"

The music began again, this time a sweet melody, almost heartbreaking. Aislinn sat on the edge of the stage and began to sing sweetly.

Those brown eyes of yours,

Light up the sky and take

The place of the sun

And I wouldn't trade your smile

For the world

And isn't it wonderful,

How perfectly your hand fits in mine?

And I want to stay with you for the rest of your days,

So please let me see your star-studded smile

And I'll be there for you when the thunder crashes

And you're scared and alone

Just let me sing you this song

I promise you won't be by yourself anymore

And isn't it wonderful,

How perfectly your hand fits in mine?

And I want to stay with you for the rest of your days

So please let me see your star-studded smile

Those brown eyes of yours

Light up the sky and take

The place of the sun

And I wouldn't trade your smile

For the world

The crowd was silent by the end of the song. Some were even crying. Aislinn smiled gently and stood up slowly. "Thank you. We are Alizée's Kisses, and you guys are awesome."

She bowed and the band left the stage.


"Ice cream," Aislinn said nonchalantly.

The other three looked back at her sudden outburst as they were walking on the sidewalk outside of the small arena.

"What?" Matt asked.

"We should get ice cream," she said, putting an index finger to her bottom lip.

"We have to be at the signings in a few," Adam said, always one to remember where they had to be. He was like their own personal clock.

Aislinn pouted, looking like an adorable little girl.

A teen boy started running past them on the sidewalk and the group watched wordlessly until Aislinn opened her mouth. "Hey."

The boy stopped and looked back. "Oi?"

Aislinn smiled, and the other three knew exactly what she was doing as she changed her posture into one of flirtation. "Hey, were you in the arena?"

The boy got a better look at her face, and probably liked what he saw, since he grinned. "Yeah, it was awesome!" A bewildered look came over his face. "Hey, wait…! You're that, uh, Aislinn chick! From Alizée's Kisses. You guys rocked!" He grinned toothily.

Aislinn shrugged one shoulder with a look to the skies and a satisfied grin. "Thanks." She set her ocean-like eyes on the boy.

Poor boy, Matt thought, he never had a chance.

"Hey," Aislinn said, as if a thought had just occurred to her. "You know any places around here where they sell ice cream?"

The boy scratched the back of his head, a slight red to his face as Aislinn leaned in closer. "Yeah. There's this place not too far from here."

Aislinn clapped her hands together, a little smile on her face. "Really? That's great! I've been wanting some ice cream!" A look of sudden remembrance came over her face and then she pouted. "Oh darn! We have to go to signings! I can't get any and it'll probably close by the time we're done!"

The boy blushed a little deeper and raised a shoulder slowly, not looking at Aislinn. "…I could go get it…"

Aislinn grinned again and put her hands to her mouth with a grin. "Oh, would you? That'd be so sweet of you!" She placed a hand gently on his arm briefly.

It was so hook, line, and sinker.

The boy's face became really red. "Yeah, I'll do it. What do you want?"

"Such a kind boy," Aislinn said with a smile that looked specially for him. "I'll take chocolate chip cookie dough." She turned towards the rest of the band. "What do you guys want?"




Aislinn rolled her eyes a little. "Boring!" But then she turned back to the boy. "I guess that's our order! Just take it to the signing booth, okay?"

He nodded and ran off to do Aislinn's bidding.

Matt snorted with a laugh. "You really shouldn't do that." He put a hand in his pocket.

She turned around and winked at him girlishly. "It gets it done!" She flapped her hand up and down with eyes closed. "Anyways! We should go off to the signing booths now!"

Adam nodded a little, checking the watch on his slim wrist. It was an old-fashioned clock face on a tiny black leather strip. The hands ticked around the clock, around and around.

Aislinn grinned like a little girl and ran down the sidewalk towards the booth, her arms stuck out and making sounds like an airplane.

Mark smirked and rose an eyebrow. "Mature, isn't she?"

Aislinn stopped and looked back at them. "Come on!" she said, motioning with her arm in huge circular motions.

Matt just grinned and walked after her.


"Thank you!" Aislinn said with a huge smile and handed the boy a signed photograph of the band. It was almost like an assembly line. The fans picked up a picture at the end of the table, took it to Mark, who signed it and passed it on to Adam on his right. He signed it and then passed it to Matt, who then signed it and passed it to Aislinn. Once she signed it, she gave them a big smile and the photo back.

The boy blushed a little. "I was, uh, wondering if I could, uh, have a hug?"

Aislinn looked over at Matt nonchalantly. "You have a fan."

He grinned back at her. "You're a loser."

The boy looked flustered and his face reddened. "No, uh! I, um, meant…Aislinn."

Aislinn let out her girlish giggle and stood up. "I knew that. I was teasing you." She walked around the table and gave him a big hug, which he returned with a really red face.

"Thank you," he said before walking off.

Aislinn waved a little before sitting down again. She looked over at Matt, taking the next picture. "Remind me to stalk him."

"He might be gone before you have the time," Matt answered without looking up from signing the next picture. He handed it to Aislinn, looking her in the eyes.

"Like hell I won't." She signed her name quickly and looked at the girl it belonged to. "Scout out that boy for me and tell him that I need him back here."

The girl took the picture from Aislinn, taken back by her hard eyes. She was always like this when it came to a possibility of losing someone she found interesting.

"Ah… Okay…" The girl hurried in the direction of the shy boy.

Aislinn grinned at Matt and took the next photo. "And I win again."

Matt rolled his eyes with a grin. "You're not just a loser. You're a total loser.

"Thank you," Aislinn said to the owner of the photo, ignoring Matt completely.


"His name was Ben," Aislinn said, looking at the white scrap of paper. The boy's full name, address, and phone number were printed neatly in sharpie marker.

"Shouldn't you have asked him his name already?" Mark asked, brushing bangs out of his eyes as they walked through the dark parking lot to their car.

"I did," Aislinn said smugly, turning her head from him slightly. "I was just letting you all know so if he calls and asks for me."

Adam laughed a little. "He might be too shy."

Aislinn grinned at Adam and cut in front of Matt and Mark to walk by him, her arms tightly around him as they did. "Adam, you are too cute."

"What did I say?" he asked innocently, looking down at her.

"Oh!" she responded with a bigger grin and just hugged him more tightly.

"Hey, Ais," Matt said, letting the words hang in the air.

Aislinn looked up at him, still holding onto Adam. "Yeah?"

"Where you staying tonight, band's or your parents'?"

She let go of Adam finally and pressed her index finger against her lip, her eyes to the sky. "I think they said I should stay with you all tonight."

Matt nodded and they continued on silently for a while until they reached the car. Mark pulled out the keys and opened the driver's door.

"I get to drive tonight, right? Right?" Aislinn all but begged, putting her hands together against her chest in a pleading motion.

"We already decided this morning that Mark was going to drive," Matt said sternly, looking back at her. "You're riding in the back with me and Adam gets shotgun."

Aislinn pouted, but took the hand that Matt stretched out for her. "You guys just don't trust me behind the wheel."

"Not since that mailbox you took out last week, no," Mark said, swinging the key ring on his finger. "You're lucky that the old lady dove back." He smirked.

"I was nowhere near the old lady!" Aislinn protested, her face in outrage.

Adam just smiled to himself and got in on the passenger side.

"Come on, Aislinn," Matt said, always practical. "Let's just get home, and then you can change into some pajamas and go to bed. You do have school in the morning."

She pouted in her "I'm-giving-up-this-time-because-you-guys-are-horribly-mean-to-me" sort of way and slid into the backseat after Matt, her hand still in his.

In the end, it was a good thing that she had been in the backseat, since she fell asleep, her head on Matt's chest. He had his arm around her shoulders, making sure that she was okay.

Mark's eyes flicked to them in the rearview mirror. "Is she asleep?"

Matt glanced up from her face and nodded, his eyes on Mark's face in the mirror.

"She kicked major ass tonight," Mark said, staring at the road in front of him.

Adam nodded, as did Matt.

"She's never sang Brown Eyes as well as she did tonight," Mark said, as if to himself. Of course, that wasn't the real name of the song. They hadn't come up with one yet, or rather, Aislinn hadn't told them what it was called yet. Their rule was "your song, your name".

Matt smiled down at the sleeping girl. It was strange to think that she was totally different only two years before when they had met and formed Alizée's Kisses.

…Completely different.