The snow that adorned the scepter shone in the early morning light, though it did not stir. For the hand that held it, although weathered, was very steady. Yet not as steady as the gaze the figure's eyes held, locked on the remnants of a horrific explosion. Suddenly, a second explosion shook the decrepit remains of what was once a remarkable building. From the rubble emerged a figure with most of its skin hanging off its frame. The skin that had managed to stay on was covered with scabs and blisters. The figure stumbled, but managed to keep its balance as its mouth frantically formed words. Abruptly a ring of blue and white fire erupted form the ground, encircling the area and concealing it from view. Consumed by the effort the figure's knees buckled and it crumpled into a heap on the ground. For the first time in hours the onlooker moved and with a quick nod turned on his heel and vanished into thin air.

"Have they passsssed into the void, you think?" a cold voice rasped to no one in particular

"All but one, and he evoked a fire guard around him," another voice said smoothly from behind. Not showing any surprise, the creature spun around.

"Would you like me to ssssslay him"

"No, nothing that morbid. Just see how he's doing"

"Thisssss can be done"