Please give me the strength

To be myself

Not just unique

To open up

Let me speak

Allow me to be more than words on a page

Make me show myself through actions

I'm tired of playing games

I'm bored of staying silent

When there is so much I want to say

So many things

Hidden behind my depression

How sad

To have built a fa├žade

Based around sadness

Covering up my smiles with a frown

I'm done now

I'm starting over new

I want to show my best to you

Sympathy isn't a substitute for love

It never was

Now I see what I've done

Ways I could've turned out different

In away

I'm glad I didn't

Those other persons are not me

Just doppelganger identities

I need to find my true voice

One I can use to speak

Speak to you

To speak to everyone I know

I can't be afraid of my image

How can I be anyone but myself?

You would still accept me

So would friends

Only the true ones though

Ones who won't leave

If I have a bad day

Or decide I want my hair to change

They would forget shallow things

Now, myself, covered in black

Will step into the light

Absorbing all the warmth I can

I hope you will not run away

I hope you're not afraid

Of course it doesn't really matter

I'm not alone

If one would leave

I'm never alone

No, not anymore

I feel the presence all around me

Bout mostly in the wind

How it wraps itself around me

I breathe it in

I hope I come to see the truth

And also to believe it

I can't change the way things are

The dead don't talk

The lost can't be the ones to find me

And I can't alter thoughts

But I'll hold together


I'll make the call


I won't back down


I can be defiant

And I will

No one tells me what to wear

Nor what to think

I've made up my mind

I'm tired of how I've fallen behind

Now that I can stand again

It's time to catch up

It's time to take action.