I am not who my public persona would have you think I am. I am not trashy or perverse. I am not an anti drug commercial. I am not a running joke. I am not the punch line. I'm not burnt out. I'm not a fuck up. I'm not the girl they'd all have you think I am. It's safe to let your kid hang out with me. Through my mistakes I've learned who I am and I know myself better than any of you ever will. I am not a mistake. I am just a work in progress. I have no regrets. I will not wallow in my addiction forever. I have fought it and I will continue to fight until I win. I won't play your games and I won't be dragged down into your world. I'm smart. I'm beautiful. I'm in love. You can't change me; love it or leave it. I have a future. Fuck statistics; I will make it through. I love my life. In this moment I am happy. That's more than you can say.

The bottom line:
I do what I want.