You're shooting for the heavens, but when you say that
The barrel's pointing at my chest
I ask if we're going together, I ask if you love me so
You tell me the simplest answer, a shotgun no

You wanted to know everything, answers to questions I couldn't answer
And when I told you what I knew you didn't believe me
Make way for the new queen! Her rule will ruin us all
But hush, keep your voice low less you want to be headless

We'll play into your game, whispering lies
Jealous and lure, breaking hurts
If I could give back the sun it's time in the sky
I'd blow the moon out of the air, just for peace

It's raining blood and we don't even care
Sheep running like chickens without heads
They just do as they're told, but not you, not I
A clear head is all you need till the end of days

If I had to choose between this juicy gore
Or just letting things go like they have before
The blade in my hand would be crushed
Blood gushing to the floor
And I think my answer is clear
That every kiss I gave to you was a for a reason
Every time I held you in my arms was for a reason
I just wanted to taste your blood