Yeah another story; do enjoy!

Alice always felt left out, no matter how big of a smile she forced to her face; she was the oldest in the orphanage and she wondered why nobody had ever picked her. She punched her punching bag and brushed her silver hair from her claret eyes with a frown; maybe her looks were the off-putting feature, maybe it was the fact that she was a born fighter. She had been teaching herself for as long as she could remember and use to use the older boys for practice, but now she was the oldest.

"Alice!" A young blonde girl rushed into the room and grabbed the silver haired girl by the fingers.

"'Sup Shelly?" Alice smiled as the girl jumped up and down.

"Visitors!" Shelly tugged on Alice's fingers to urge her along. Alice groaned she hated meeting the visitors because at the age of sixteen she had zero chance of being picked; most visitors thought she was a volunteer. Shelly dragged the eldest girl outside where she was instantly pounced on by the other kids.

"And here we have the play ground." Cindy the twenty-two year old day care worker of two years motioned the couple outside; they were twenty-five year old Rachel and twenty-six year old Martin Dove. Rachel had waist length black hair and light blue eyes while Martin had short blond hair and dark blue eyes.

"They all look so sweet." Rachel smiled and the kids pulled Alice to the couple.

"Hi!" They chorused. "Alice needs a home too!"

"Erm…Hi." Alice smiled. "They're joking, I actually work here."

"No she doesn't!" Shelly pulled on Alice's little finger in her vice like grip. "She never gets to go to a home."

"Shelly…" The eldest groaned again.

Rachel chuckled. "You have an unusual look Alice."

"Yeah, I was born with it; all us kids from Mars look like this." She joked with a tug on her silver hair with her free hand. The couple chuckled, it looked promising and that, to Alice, was a scary thought. "Enough about me!" She picked a young boy up at the waist. "This is Theodor but we call him Thor 'cause he always has a squeaky hammer." She set the lad down again with a grin and tried to slink away, but Shelly yanked her back by the finger.

"Alice needs a home!" The girl repeated, pouting with watery eyes- Alice called it 'Maximum Cuteness'. The couple looked to one another and then to Alice with a smile.

"Why don't we find somewhere to talk?" Martin asked. Both Cindy and Alice looked shocked. Cindy led the trio inside while the younger kids cheered. The dark haired girl opened the office door and Alice sheepishly took a seat; she had never done the whole interview thing before. The couple sat across from her and Cindy left the room after announcing she'd be back in five minutes.

"So…what would you like to know?"

Rachel thought for a moment. "Do you attend the local school?" Alice nodded. "What are your grades like?"

"Pretty average." She shrugged. "C's, not back considering I'm usually suspended." She inwardly smirked, knowing it would scare them away.

"What for?" Martin's brow rose.

"Fighting, I used to beat up the boys here until I became the oldest."

"Care to show me something?" The man stood.

"I don't want to hurt you."

"It's ok." Rachel insisted. "Martin is very good at martial arts."

"If you insist." Alice slowly stood away from the table and raised her fists, Martin slid into a similar stance and Alice threw her fist punch, the older man dodged it with ease so she lifted her leg up to his head; he blocked it and she stepped back, dodging the attacks that came her way until she was backed against the far wall. Martin leaned in close with an almost sinister smirk.

"We'll take you."

Alice was stunned. She didn't think she could be picked based solely on her fighting skills, especially when he had the upper hand. Rachel hurried to tell Cindy the 'good news' while Martin leaned against the table to study her. Alice was 5"8 and slender; and training everyday of the week kept her in good shape despite the amount of food she ate- it could almost put an elephant to shame.

"You should take one of the younger kids too." She suggested, unable to take the silence any longer.

"We have a four year old son at home, Trevor; we thought about adopting someone younger but when we saw you…well we decided he might take to someone older." He finished with a shrug.

"Don't you want to ask me anymore questions? My hobbies? Books I like? Friends at school?"

"Speaking of school." He smiled. "You'll be moving."

"Oh." That hairs on the back of her neck stood up. "Ok."

Cindy burst through the door with a look of pure shock on her face, Alice shrugged. "P-Pack your things."

The Dove's drove a black Toyota Verso and Alice stared out of the window until the car pulled into the driveway, the house was a fading white with white pane windows and a mahogany door, as Alice got out of the car she wondered who was watching Trevor when a girl looking around her age opened the front door with the bright eyed boy next to her.

"Welcome home." She smiled. She had long brown hair and amber eyes, she and the boy strolled over to them and she held out her hand to Alice. "Hi I'm Christie."

"Alice." She shook Christie's hand and knelt down to look at Trevor. He had dark blond hair and unusually his left eye was light blue and the right was dark blue. "Hey I'm your new big sister." Trevor shyly took a step forward and stuck his thumb in his mouth. "That can't taste nice." She smiled and stood again as Martin opened the boot.

"Was he ok Chris?" Rachel asked.

"He missed you but he was thrilled to be getting a sister."

Trevor clasped Alice's fingers like Shelly did and the older girl suddenly missed the orphanage.

"I've got your stuff Alice, go inside." Martin picked a box out.

"Alright." She led Trevor back into the house and followed Rachel upstairs to her room.

"We can change the colour if you want it is your room after all." She assured and opened the door to a deep silver washed room with claret carpet, the curtains and bed covers were silver, the wardrobe war a light brown with a light brown desk and computer next to it.

"Wow…" Alice looked around the room slowly. "It's like you knew you were going to adopt me before you met me." She stated and looked back at Rachel who winked.

"Make yourself comfortable and I'll call you down for dinner." She took the young boy by the hand and closed the door. Alice looked around the room and breathed deeply, but couldn't shake the prickly feeling on the back of her neck.

"What does she think?" Martin asked as he set the last box down by the stairs.

"I told you the colour would be too obvious!" Rachel snapped. Trevor hurried into the living room.

"Did she suspect anything?"

"No but."

"Then it'll be ok." He cut her off. "Its a few days until the claret moon then everything will go as planned."

"Ok dear." Rachel sneered and stormed into the kitchen.

It's going to get interesting, promise.