The Scissor Man

'The night is dark and the moon is full.'

God! What a clich├ęd line! But still how appropriate.

I wander through the town, not thinking, simply walking.

Suddenly I come upon two youngsters, locked in a lover's embrace.

They pause and stare,so hostile, as I pass.

I look down, subservient, and they return to their obsessions.

I go further on. I repress that which wishes to come up.

I pass beneath the streetlight. I see a bus stop with a bench.

The girl siting there clutches her purse and coat to her. Fearful, she glances at me.

Smart girl, she is frightened. There is much to fear on a night like this.

Once again I must repress my inner self. I walk on.

I encounter nothing but the wind and trash for a few miles.

Then I come upon the outskirts of town. Not a safe place.

Still I walk as if I own the night. Perhaps I do.

I laugh at my foolish thoughts and continue on.

"Hey, what's a boy like you doing way out here?"

I hear him call. A wannabe hoodlum I can tell.

They are the worst of all, they have much more to prove.

I keep walking. Maybe they won't bother me.

Not tonight thought. They push off their perches and flock around me.

Encircling me the leader says, "Didn't you hear me?"

He doesn't let me answer but pushes me instead.

The gang pushes me between them, laughing.

I stay silent, compliant, but my inner soul is struggling to escape.

Finally I can no longer control it. I set it free!

I stop letting myself be pushed. I stand in the middle for a moment.

The boys stare at me, menace filling their eyes.

I felt a smile settle upon my face.

I flick out my blades and go to work.

They don't scream for long, but they do bleed an awful lot!

Once I am done I grin. I feel so happy!

Those dark urges are satiated for now.

Still it is only a matter of time before they come back.

I do not care. For now all is possible, all is wonderful!

I go back the way I came, the blood dries upon me.

The girl's bus will have come by now, but perhaps I will pay those lovers a visit.

Tonight anything can happen! Tonight I am truly free!

Oh I know that tomorrow I will have to go back to work.

But for tonight, there are no responsibilities, no cares.

I know what they say about me.

They call me the "worst serial killer to ever strike."

They call me "vicious, brutal, and cruel."

"The Scissors Butcher." "The Scissor Man."

"The Scissor Slasher." "The Scissor Slayer."

I don't let the names bother me, they hold truth, I do like my scissor blades oh so much.

I however, prefer to call myself, Jack. Most people do in fact.

They really have no idea, poor fools. Still it makes the game that much easier.

As I walk back towards home, I whistle a happy little tune, enjoying the night air.