A/N: sorry about the lines they wouldn't let me put a f-ng space between them, pissing me off.
It would be lying if I said

I do not still love you,

That I do not still, dream of you

For I do, some nights, some days

(I cannot stop it, for the only place,

I can hear your voice again,

It seems, is only in my dreams)

I would be lying if I told you

I could live without you, that I could

Sustain my life, knowing you were never there

(The idea, of never having you

Crushes the tiny pieces,

left of the heart you broke)

I would be lying if I said

You never really hurt me

That I made it through that day,

without crying on a bathroom floor

(I still don't know, how I ever managed,

to get back up off the floor

The ground is so terribly inviting

When someone finds out they are not loved)

It was a lie when I told myself

I didn't mind you dating my friend

That I was not hurt by the betrayal

(The day I found out, I tasted, for the first time,

my own heart, it is metallic, expected

Like blood, only worse…)

I would be lying if I said

The day I saw you at school,

my heart kept its pace and my breathing was calm

The day I hugged you after graduation,

that my feet stayed on the ground

When I say you walking past, and you never saw me

That I was glad you never did

(When I say you standing there,

I forgot who I was for a second

Graduation, you in my arms again

Gravity had nothing on me in that moment

When you walked past me, all I wanted

Was for you to see me, so badly)

I would be lying again if I

said I didn't still love you

(I'm sorry, my love

I lied.)