I chose to write this simply because I'm tired, I'm tired of the same storylines. every single genre,


1. Boy meets girl girl loves boy but boy is too dumb to see it. he loves girls best friends who likes different boy, they meet fall in love boy turns to girl as last resort they fall in love and live happily ever after

2. Two people hate each other but eventually fall in love

3. Forbidden love, we all know how that ends.

4. Famliy love, creepy but surprisinly interesting.

every notice how they always live happily ever after? I want to see a disney movie where the bad guy takes over the world, gets the girl and kills the main hero. That right there is good watchin'.


Try to take over the world...thats it


The butler did it


people make fun of things in everyday life. Or make fun of each other. Or if your british do things that we Americans dont understand then make fun of us for it.


The ghosts are mad at you for moving into their house, move out. that all you have to do, move out

You see my point. no one has come up with a new plot for a long time now, and frankly I'm tired of the same things. This has no genre and no point. I dont know why you would want to read it. It doesnt have a plot and the humor will be poorly written bad jokes. But it makes ofr a great thing to when you are bored out of your mind and have nothing better to do.