For a warm- up in Creative Writing class, my teacher had us freewrite using these words for insoiration.

Afraid, Couch, River, Oblong

I'm afraid of the couch. That darn couch, with it's unnatural and freakish pattern. Most couches are plain, simple, not this one. Oh no, this one is littered with bringht red squiggleys and starnge oblong rectangles, little blakc birds flying upside down and green pointy triangles. The couch is loud, not just visibly, but literally loud. When you sit on it, it unleashes a river of fury and protest against your unnessisary weight. It screams and yells at you until you get off. It curses you, and claims that it will eventually eat you. Mommy says there's no such thing as monsters, she obviously hasn't met the couch. I'm afraid of the couch.

Now I read this to my friends and they decided to assign me with words, and I would create a story for them.

Here are some examples.

Coffee, Green, Air Freshener, Blueberry

So I was sitting in my kitchen and I was more bored than a straight man at a tea party. So i decided to make a sandwich, not just any sandwich, a surprise sandwich. This one is special, becuase you never know what your going to get. First you blindfold yourself and remove three item from you fride whatever you pull out you have to eat. MMM coffee ground blueberry and green ketchup sandwich. You couldn;t come up with anything better. That was sarcasm. I had to by seven air fresheners just to cover up the scent of my own vomit. Never, never, never eat a surprise sandwich. My god I'm bored.

Sweatshirt, Purple, Book, Paper

My sweatshirt thinks he's so smart. Since he can read and I can't. That foul, loathsome, stupid , peice of mold, discusting purple sweatshirt. It just goes around bragging about how, he just finished a book and how he's so smart. I just want to strangle him with the paper he's always surrounding himself with. Wait! What if I put on the sweatshirt while I read? Will I become smart? Oh where did that awful putrid egostisticle sweatshirt go? He ran away the coward. My sweatshirt thinks he's so smart.