You picked the pedals, of my love

And recited, as you did, a much known song

You pulled at my roots, wanting nothing more,

then to claim my body as yours


You drank greedily of my nectar,

and left inside, no sweet drop to keep me alive

You stole from me all my colors, my red and green,

and kept them only for your glee


Ripped from my stem, every piece of innocence I,

once had, you take from me

You bent violently, my leaves, so that you, it seems,

could pull me closer, to hear me scream


You deprived me of water and sun,

for now, I am withered and dying

You forced me into places I could not stand

So that only you could have me


And now all of my colors, have faded

My once sweet scent, gone sour

The spine that held me up, broken

All my beautiful pedals, picked


Now I am only a shadow, of the

Girl flower that once was

Now I am only a memory, of the

Boy who stole my love


Unable to move, no one to protect me

So broken and weak, I can't stop the cry

On the wooden floor of his bedroom,

forced from my home, alone, I die