About Gay Marriage:
So you're not 'gay' and you don't believe in homosexuals getting married or adopting children. All because you think it's 'gross' or because it's 'sinful'. Let's take a few moments to think about this.

-- It's gross.

One hundred and nineteen million, or 64.5 percent, of American adults are overweight or obese (http://xpress. I find that 'gross' but you don't see me raising hell and trying to keep 'fat people' from getting married. I also think that it's gross to raise a child to believe gays are horrible people who are purely gay just for the hell of it.

-- It's sinful.

Before I start this one. I'd like to say that I believe the bible has been translated far too many times and manipulated to be reliable. But because that takes to much to fight I'm going to do this from a bible devoted Christian's point of view. If you do fallow the bible, you would know that is states that no sin is greater then any other sin, right? So let's say you have had premarital sex (which I'm sure you have) -isn't that sinful? Isn't it also sinful to use the Lord's name in vein, disobey your parents, lie, cheat, steal, ect. Yet it is a common view that gays are damned from the second they come out of the closet. Then, isn't it possible that they can prey for forgiveness for this 'sin'? You may say, "Well, Erica. They will repeat the sin. You are supposed to stop it." Well, are you ever going to stop telling lies? Are you ever going to stop cursing? Are you ever going to stop something everyone does, even if it's in the privacy of their own homes? I didn't think so. It is impossible to stop being 'imperfect', as you might call it. (I am not saying that I agree with this statement -I personally believe that homosexuality is not a sin or a 'flaw' in character.) We are supposed to model our lives and selves after God, well it also states clearly that he loves all his children and gave us our own free will, so shouldn't you as well love and accept everyone and their free will? Before freaking out on me -ponder this for a few moments.

-- Their parents did not raise them right and are to blame.

If I were to tell you that a 'good Christian family' raised a son or daughter who turned out to be gay, then you may tell me it was an act of rebellion. Well, what if I told you a free, open-minded family raised a child who came out as gay later on in life? You may tell me it was because they needed a better, more stable family. Which is it? Was the family too stable, or not stable enough?

I stand firmly by my beliefs and refuse to think any differently. I pity anyone who refuses to open their eyes to the reality of this and loose out on a chance to an amazing friend, loose a son and/or daughter, or fight a hard working co-worker because of their sexual orientation and not for their morals and personality. You can find more facts and myths here: is about love, not gender.