Hello to all of you lovely people who have read and reviewed so far! I appreciate it soooo much and love getting feedback from the people who count the most – the readers.

I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed my undeniably cliché and yes, The Latest Plague, very cheesy little one shot. I have to say, I most definitely am a fan of the cliché and cheesy. The whole best friends falling in love cliché is my ABSOLUTE favorite…I guess since it's so real to me. My best friends have almost always been guys and I fell in puppy love with my elementary school best friend and am now in real love with my Junior High-High School best friend. I call him Sir…lol…that was pretty random.

The Blind Trombonist pointed out to me that I didn't include a lot of physical description regarding Jake and Delaney. I guess this is because sometimes, when reading, I like to imagine the characters and their appearances in my own way. I hate when I fall in love with a book and when it's made into a movie, the characters don't fit my personal idea of them. That just drives me crazy. I'll sit there watching and inside my head, I'll be screaming, "NOOOO!!!! That's NOT what she looks like." I've decided to appease readers who want an idea of Jake and Delaney's image by telling them what they look like in my mind but if they don't look right to you, I hope that you continue to perceive them in your own way. I think one of the best things about reading is imagining and I don't want to ruin that for anyone.

I personally see Delaney as sort of a cross between Leighton Meester and Keira Knightley (or maybe Natalie Portman) except with hair that's a bit shorter…perhaps a little bit past the chin but not all the way to the shoulder. In my head, though, Laney's eyes are more hazel and less brown than the two celebs I used as examples.

Now, Jake is a bit harder to describe because he's based on someone I actually know. But, for the sake of that person's privacy, I don't want to give you all a link to his picture. Finding a pictorial likeness is a lot harder…there aren't that many celebrities with perfect freckles like my anonymous inspiration. Jake has eyes the color of coffee beans…they're very warm and friendly. They almost always seem to be smiling, if you get my drift. He has freckles coating his cheekbones and very strong, sexy jaw line. He also has some freckles on his shoulders and sprayed on his forearms. It might sound odd….but they have a very attractive effect. Speaking of forearms, his are very strong and his wrists are just flawless. He is muscular but not overly so…definitely not to bodybuilder proportions. Remember, he's a tennis player, so he's strong and lean, with nice forearms and calves…he's not a football player, all muscle bound and bulldog-like (no offense to football players…they're not all canine). Jake's hair is a few shades darker than his eyes…almost black…but not quite. It's dark chocolate in color and short. There's usually a little bit of gel in it to make it look deliberately messy but Delaney prefers when its genuine messy not styled that way. And, as I mentioned in the story, he's reasonably tall…around 6'1.5" to be precise.

Sexy Paperclip – Thanks for the advice about writing a companion to Bra/Umbrella with Charlie as the main character. I'd been considering it for a while to be honest, but I wasn't sure if it'd be of interest to anyone and I was pretty low on ideas at the time…Hopefully, within the next few weeks I'll find time to work on that. I also would like to revise the whole DFM-parentheses (Microsoft Word tells me that's how it's spelled…it seems I've been spelling it wrong, too…lol) thing and throw in some more description there. I was sort of playing around with the idea of making Laney and Jake's friends Catie and Liam more established characters and giving them their own comparably cliché one shot. As you can probably see, I am a huge fan of the one shot and prefer it to writing full length pieces. I love that, with a one shot, you can squish an entire plot into a nice, compact, reader-friendly little story that doesn't involve so much time and doesn't leave readers waiting around for me to update (which I always forget to do, anyway).

Major thanks to The Latest Plague for adding me to your C2. I appreciate it so very much. And, thanks again to all of you who've reviewed so far, you're all stars…Duckliy543, The Blind Trombonist, Leela Shaw, TwinkleHeart, eyesoar, The Latest Plague, and Sexy Paperclip. I look forward to sitting and reading your work when I find the time in between pounds of AP homework!

Much love to all,