it's a good thing or a bad thing. you can change for the better or the worse. as i have learned as i started my high school career. the friends you thought would always be there for you now arent. but they still make an effort. so its kinda of the thought tht counts. and the people you thought you once hated now are some of ur closet friend. think about it. remember the friend maybe from ur old school or from where ever tht u havent see in forever. then u just randomly see them in walmart. u get to talking to them. and u notice WOW they have really changed. the only reason we change is because of the people we hang around. its the only cause of am guilty of it myself. i switched schools in 7th grade. from a private to public school. it was so different for me. it really scared me. people always swearing, talking about their drug use at all times of the day. but u just came from a school with uniforms, saying the word piss was totally unexceptable and u could get expelled for anything. what a change for me! but i learned a lot from the biggest change of my life. i learned that people arent always what they seem FOR INSTANCE: when u transfer to a new school the people that seem like they are cool really arent. i wanted to be popular SO bad in 7th grade. i would have done anything to be popular. luckily i didnt get the oportunity. it was innocent fun tho. if u ever even took a sip of alcohol, you were so bad. u were a rebel. eighth grade it got worse. at the beggining of the year, the pot smokers started hanging together. the drunks and the smokers starting all forming together only to form...THE POPULARS! and they knew it to. they changed for the worse. one person started smoking, drinking, or doing drugs to make themselves look cool and their friends would join in. its sad to see them wasting their lives away to look cool to their high school and middle school friends. and if u do drugs and ur reading this i hope this is a wakeup call for you. ur high school friends are going to change when they go to college or the work force. they are going to grow up. sure they might smoke, but its to release stress. not to look cool. in the adult world that actually makes you look bad. drugs may be ur stress relief now, but its totally NOT worth it.

back to the populars, in high school they start doing perscription pills. stealing them from their parent's medicine cabinets then stumbling around the hallways thinking tht stumbling makes u look cool. maybe to their friends but definetly not to mine. now i look back and laugh at me wanting to be popular in 7th grade. and i was so sad i never got the oportunity to be popular. now, i feel so fortunete i never had tht option. sure i have the occasion popular friend screwing up their livees but after u see them like tht u just kinda laugh. in middle school and elementary i can bet u they wouldnt picture themselves being such losers. popular loser. but losers none the less. they changed for the worse.

But on a positive note, you can change for the better. as i have. i will admit it. im loud, obnoxious, and abbrasive. the anti guy magnet, which i tend to brag about on occasion considering some of the real winners at my high school. but i have calmed down. and ive earned more friends. and whats funny is a popular was the one who calmed me down. she breaks the mold tho. she doesnt do drugs, smoke, have sex, or drink. shes sober at all time. and shes actually pretty cool and i am still friends with her. we became friends through a trip we went to on at my church. she always went there but we never really talked. an occasion wave, or a simple hi was all the communication we had. she was a popular, i wasnt. dont get me wrong im not a loser but im not a popular. im right in the middle. so we both signed up to go on this trip. we set up our 4 tents. 2 for guys 2 for girls. and i went into the same tent as my best friend. we were starting to set up our sleeping bags when we realize that one of us needed to leave. it was way to small. so i volunteered myself to switch tents. i didnt realize tht it had the populars in it. can u imagine tht? the church was even segragated: populars and the not so populars. as i entered the foreign territory i saw a couple glances and a couple dirty looks. i ignored it. it was just like school which i had to deal with for 10 months. it was nothing new and didnt offend me since i was completely use to it. as the week went on me and the popluars and me and the not so populars all started to get along. i guess living in a small place for 5 days with no running water, electricty, or flushing toliets (we had portapotties GAG ME) can bring people together. it was cool tho cuz it brought people of different ages together. like my popular friend found the guys she still with. shes a freshmen. he's a senior. they broke all the rules. i respect my popular friend for breaking that mold. being friends with non-populars having a 4 year older boyfriend, being friends with older people. and ive seen her change. as she became friends with me and my non-popular friends she seemed to have lost that arrogant aroma to her. she settled down. which made me settle down. ive seen myself changed. my friends change. teachers changes. and my family change. maybe its just me tho. maybe ive changed my perspective on people which has almost made it seem like they changed. my friends who didnt go on that trip still think the popular is annoying and arrogant and hasnt changed at all from last year. it really put things into perspective. you cant really judge a book by it cover. and u have to change in order to see that. but hopefully u change for the better.i tend to accept people easier and i get along with them better cuz i have calmed down. and anything can spark change. ANYTHING! and i made sure that if anything felt wrong while it was changing. it prolly WAS wrong. think about it.