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Again Myren sounds like a woman! Something strange is diffidently going on with that man.

Our plant worked perfectly! It was now only a matter of time before we discover how Myren has evaded us all these years and how to finally capture him. I just hope this doesn't take to long. I want to get back to the castle in time to see my sister get married and research more about the missing princess.

Did I mention that I hate dresses? In case I didn't, I absolutely abhor these contraptions. They leave no room to breath, let alone run. I hate having to bend over to pick something because the men get a chance to look down my dress. I still haven't figured how Kylie stops this from happening, I am about to go insane because of it. Not because my men look down my dress, even though that does piss me off a lot, but because the Blonde fugitive makes it his life goal to find something for me to pick up. He is always touching me and trying to carry what ever I have in my hands. What does he think I am? Some sort of weakling duckling?!

He didn't even flinch when John told him that I was Myren's "sister", instead he seemed to cling and annoy me even more. He started to follow me everywhere! I couldn't even find a chance to sneak off and track the soldiers, I had to ask John to do it, and he almost got caught by the prince! I hate this situation. The only good thing about this, is that the other two fugitives are soldiers in disguise, so I can keep them away and if need be use them as bargaining chips. I just need to check to see if my blonde devil is one too. I don't think so because he doesn't act brotherly towards the other two, and he isn't sneaking off at late hours at night or into the forest during the day.

I do love my job when the soldiers make it easy for me. Did they really think I would be dumb enough not to recognize the differences in speech and mannerisms between us and the soldiers? Did they thing I would not see them sneaking off randomly and asking questions that no other peasant would ask to another? Did they think I would not have the allegiance of my people? This disappointed me; I was hoping the general would've sent competent men to spy on me. I was hoping for a challenge, my life has gotten so boring since the soldiers stopped trying to raid my village.

"Hello Mira! What a wonderful day isn't?" Kylie gushed. She didn't believe that the men were soldiers, she had made friends with them and they would often help her around the house, much to John's jealousy. Watching him fume in anger as he watched the two other men follow his wife around the village like lost puppies was priceless. But also disconcerted me, I didn't know their reasons as to why they would follow her around, I just hoped nothing happened to her, since I can't watch over her under this guise and John would never forgive me.

"Kylie it's cold and it looks like it's about to rain, how can it be a lovely day?"

"But this weather means it's about to be fall, and the leaves change. I do love fall! I can't wait to take john and the boys out to watch the leaves change." She sighed wistfully. I think the only reason John puts up with those two soldiers hanging around his wife, is because she only thinks of them like her sons. She only has eyes for john and no one could ever change that.

"You should be careful around those two Kylie; you know what I think of them."

"I know, and I also know what john and what everyone else in the village thinks about them. I can see the truth in your words and worries, but I don't think they are here to harm us, more to observe and gain information. Those two are so young; I can't fight the need to protect them. They are like sons to me. I know its so soon to have that kind of thought for a person."

"I know Kylie, I know. Their age is the only reason I haven't out right kicked them out of the village or divulged deeper into their motives in being here."

"You also haven't had time to do any snooping with you lap dog following you around everywhere. I swear I think something is wrong with that man. I mean I have known you all your life I wouldn't want to follow you around like he does. I think he may have a death wish."

I laughed, "I bet he does. God knows I haven't done anything to warrant this kind of obsession. All I have done is push him away, I have insulted him, injured him, threatened him. I don't know what to do to keep him away. I am about to break!"

"It has been only four days, you can't be that close," she said peering into my face. My eye started to twitch, a sure sign that I was about to loose it, "I see, well maybe I can so something about that? I have some herbs that if you burn them they will help you relax."

"Kylie you are my savior. Thank you so much! I would appreciate that so much! How about I come and get them when we meet for lunch?"

"Alright I will have them ready by them. Just don't be late or I might make you pay for them!" Kylie joked; she would never let her friend pay for anything.

"Ha, ha, I guess I will have to leave earlier then normal then? So bossy, I often wonder why john puts up with you?" I teased, walking off. I heard her screech as I walked off. Kylie always made my mood much lighter, and often times stopped me from maiming and killing several people. I love her so much.

I needed to go see the friar. I had to see if the village is treating him alright and what his opinion was about these new comers. He has been around soldiers and people of high class much more them I have. He will help me have concrete evidence as to why I should kick those two men out of the village. I can't now because they have won the hearts of more then half of the village. They were so young; one would not think that they were trying to deceive us. Despite the fact that he was a man of god, men of god aren't to be trusted, I trusted him, he was different then any other preacher I had met.

"Friar, I need to speak with you," I commanded as I walked into our humble house of God.

Where is she? She isn't in any of her normal places, and no one will answer any of my questions. This is so frustrating, I am used to having my men at my beck and call every hour, but her I have struggle for someone to tell their name! This is insane! How can these people be so suspicious of someone? I have done nothing to warrant any of this animosity. I haven't done any real investigation; it's too early to even try to ask any real questions. They didn't trust me or my men yet.

Although I doubt that they will ever trust my men, they are always asking stupid questions and prying to deep into these people's lives. I am surprised that Myren hasn't caught them and exposed them for what they really are. Those two are so close to ruining our cover. The only reason they haven't gotten caught, is because they are so young, but damn it they are so stupid! I know that Mira, Myren's sister, knows something about those two. I am going to have to find a way to convince her that they are just young boys asking stupid questions.

She isn't stupid, like all the other people in this godforsaken village. She doesn't just invite people into her home. I wonder where her home is anyway. She only answers questions at the bar minimum. She even tried to attack me. She is one strange woman. She needs to know her place. Some people have already tried to do that, but have failed. I know this because of her reaction to some of the older men and women in the village. What is strangest about her is that she is often treated like a queen, like their ruler. The villagers bow their head when she walks by, ask her for advice, and shower her with food. The young men followed her every where hanging to her every word, like they would a teacher. Something is defiantly wrong with this woman.

I have been following her around every where, hoping that something would slip from her lips as to where Myren is and/or what his weakness is. All I have gotten though is the cold shoulder; no matter what I did she would glare at me and walk off. I carried her heavy loads, but she just looked insulted. I complimented her on her closes, but she looked insulted. I may have dropped things purposely to get a good look at her, but I that was just for fun. She must really hate men. I wonder why?

Wait, there she is. She is going into the church, probably going to see the friar. This is a wonderful chance to gain some information about this shrew.

I snuck up to the church and snuck inside. Thank the lord that the door to the church had new hinges or I would've been huge trouble. They were sitting close together at the front of the church. For some reason seeing them like that made my blood boil, a man should not be near her like that, like they were sharing a secret. Wait…that was a weird thought.

What are they talking about? I need to get closer to hear what they are say, but how? He put a hand on her shoulder. YOU BASTARD, DON'T TOUCH HER! Where did that come from? I need to get a hold of my self or I won't hear the conversation. As I got closer I couldn't help but imagine my self gutting the friar for ever touching Mira. I shook my head and snuck along the wall. My thoughts have been acting weird since the moment I say Mira. She is annoying, but beautiful. there is nothing between us, she is just someone I need to get information from, nothing more. But then why do I get jealous every time I see the men look at her, and she smiles at them? God damn it what is wrong with me!!