And the h020h20 rolled off your lips like
fingertips cascading down the glass you
always said white zinphadel took long to 'settle in'.
"you're more like me than you will ever know," your
cheek and tongue and I'm among those stupefied by
guilt and tries and leagues and lies, aesthetic airs
the state of self, the state of mind, the state of
your affairs; it's like you spin me inside out
and upside down and it's so ineffective but (oh) so
captivating all the time. One mirrored smirk,
reflected laugh, helix of words under my breath.
They coil to wander hand-in-hand,
(it's like a lost hello), a sheltered yes-or-no demand.

"Let's go, let's go" and I am you and you aren't
fine and we're all parts in this authentic
china town design. and she, and he and us and we,
we are just New York skyline bound
we're all just waiting to be found,

just aching, just learning
to be talked into the ground.