Hey you guys read and review. I like the ending of this piece. :D

Abused Spouse

The table was quiet, the tension thick,

The room was brightly lit.

The counters were shiny, sparkling,

Everything was clean.

The table was set, immaculate,

It was prepared for two.

Everything in order, mirroring

Each other down to the spoon.

The husband sat, on the head

Waiting patiently.

The wife there stood, then by his side

Smiling nervously.

Taste it please? She took a knife

And carved him out a slice.

He nodded, cut, forked, bit and chewed,

Every move preciseā€¦

Controlled, that unsmiling mouth

There was no dribble on his chin.

No stain, no grain of fallen food,

No mark on his napkin.

Emotions swirled and sweat dripped down

Unnoticed by the one,

He smiled; she smiled a breath escaped,

Relief! T'was almost done.

She sat down then and offered him a

A little more of wine

He nodded Yes, an assent,

The evening going fine.

One hand slipped, the bottle dipped

And down poured its contents.

An outraged screech, then broken glass,

Then silenceā€¦ she slapped him.

Hope you liked it:D